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Cincinnati Streetcar

Cincinnati's compact downtown makes getting around incredibly easy. You will be able to walk to world-class attractions, major league ball parks and four-star restaurants. But when you want to explore all that Cincinnati USA has to offer, convenient transportation services are available throughout the region.

Cincinnati Bell Connector

Cincinnati Bell Connector

The Cincinnati streetcar is an electric mode of transportation operating on 3.6-mile loop connecting key communities in the city’s urban core. The streetcar attracts roughly 2,000 riders a day, runs 18 hours each day and 365 days a year. The first phase of the streetcar was a $148 million development, but the vision is to create a system that spurs development and is part of a larger multimodal transportation system that link areas outside the downtown core and throughout the larger region.


Streetcar Map

Map of Route

The streetcar travels on a loop from Second Street (at The Banks on the riverfront) to Henry Street (just north of the Findlay Market in Over the Rhine). There are 18 stops located along the first phase of the route. The stops are one to two blocks from downtown hotels and three blocks from the Duke Energy Convention Center.

Popular destinations include: 
  • Duke Energy Convention Center
  • Government Square
  • Fountain Square
  • Contemporary Arts Center
  • Public Library
  • Aronoff Center
  • JACK Casino
  • School for the Creative and Performing Arts
  • Music Hall
  • Washington Park
  • Downtown Hotels


Station Stops

Streetcar Station StopDNK Architects developed a design for the station shelters that would be easily recognized and protect riders from the elements for the short time that they will be waiting at the stops.