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MEMORY BUILDING: Engaging Society in Self-Reflective Museums

The International Committee of Memorial Museums in Remembrance of the Victims of Public Crimes and the International Committee for Architecture and Museum Techniques have a joint conference in Cincinnati USA. The theme of the conference: MEMORY BUILDING: Engaging Society in self-reflective Museums Cincinnati, Ohio, the “Queen City” in the heart of America offers an unexpectedly apt venue at the crossroads of a complex political time to explore the topic of engaging societies in self-reflective museums. The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center will host the meeting that begins with an examination of American narratives in its national museums, and moves to other themes of interest to ICAMT and ICMEMO members as we hold joint and parallel sessions –including the “Architecture of Memorial Museums on Historical Sites and Off Site”, the “Human Rights Struggle and Slavery in Exhibitions throughout the World”, creating innovative spaces, and recreating spaces where the narratives used for years are no longer resonant with its current visitors.

ICMEMO Members Requesting Funding:
Please fill out the Registration Form. Then, complete the Grant Application Form and email it to Markus Moors. The deadline for grant applications is September 20th. You will be contacted by September 27th.

Become an ICOM member now and benefit from discounted registration fee:
To become a VOTING member of ICMEMO or ICAMT  you need to first join ICOM through your National Committee, then select ICMEMO or ICAMT for your choice of International Committee as a voting member.
Complete applicable forms and Send to: membership@icom.museum

For ICMEMO Membership, please make sure to send a copy of your email and completed form to our Secretary, Markus Moors so we can recommend or confirm your membership of ICMEMO, as needed.

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This Conference has been made possible by the generosity of our Host Museums, partners and sponsors:

Individuals: Peter S. Kalikow, Shelly Gerson, Judy and Steve Stein, Chris Frackiewicz Kay and Douglass McDonald

Organizations and Foundations: Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, Anonymous in honor of Karen S Franklin, ICOM-U.S., ICMEMO International Committee of Memorial Museums in Remembrance of the Victims of Public Crimes, ICAMT International Committee for Architecture and Museum Techniques, Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitors Bureau

Corporations: Kolar Design, Inc. Turner Construction Company

 Conference Chairs:

  • Conference Chair: Karen S. Franklin, USA Leo Baeck Institute New York (ICMEMO Past Chair) 
  • Conference Co-Chairs: Jean Hilgersom, Netherlands ToornendPartners (ICAMT President); Ophelia Leon, England A.R.T.E. ArtRespectToleranceEducation (ICMEMO President) 
  • Program Chairs: Thomas Lutz, Germany Topographie des Terrors, Berlin; Joerg Skriebeleit, Germany Flossenbuerg Memorial

Convention Information

MEMORY BUILDING: Engaging Society in Self-Reflective Museums

Convention Dates:
October 14-18, 2017

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

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