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Convention District Progress
Cincinnati to Begin Planning for a Revitalized Downtown Convention Center District
CINCINNATI (January 27, 2022) – A unified effort to create a new Convention Center District by the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County in partnership with Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC) was announced today.
This joint commitment will develop a downtown Convention Center District near the Duke Energy Convention Center, with a goal to be completed by 2025. A new headquarter hotel will be a key, vital centerpiece to the District, which generally includes the area surrounding the Duke Energy Convention Center, between Race Street and Central Avenue, and between Fourth and Sixth streets.
The establishment of the Convention Center District will be managed by 3CDC, the Cincinnati-based non-profit real estate development company.
“The establishment of the Convention Center District represents a major step forward for our region and our tourism industry,” said Julie Calvert, President & CEO of Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau. “3CDC has the experience and know-how to create an inclusive and equitable development environment that will lead to a District that is the envy of cities across the United States.”
With the 2026 FIFA World Cup in our sights, our region has an opportunity to reinvent our Convention District with new investments in a headquarter hotel and all the assets surrounding the Convention Center,” said Jeff Berding, Co-CEO of FC Cincinnati and Board Chairman of the Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau.