Things To Do In Cincinnati: The Ultimate Guide

2019-10-14 :: EAT LIVE TRAVEL DRINK - the number of things to do in Cincinnati has blossomed over the years to include many unique and exciting attractions that appeal to travelers of all ages. From cutting edge art installations to classic museums embracing the growth and renewal of what is colloquially referred to as the first American City, Cincinnati is a vibrant and culturally complex city that attracts upwards of 26 million people annually. Whether you are simply passing through, visiting for the day or making an extended weekend trip out of your adventures in Ohio, you will find plenty of things to do in Cincinnati, making it an exciting place to explore for all ages.  More >

Why the SAVEUR Editors Are Heading to Cincinnati This Year

2019-10-11 :: SAVEUR - We've always appreciated Cincinnati's storied mom-and-pop restaurants, its Greek-style chili parlors, not to mention the porky steel-cut-oat sausage known as goetta (pronounced "getta"), which is as beloved here as andouille is in Louisiana. But there's so much more to this historic city on the banks of the Ohio River. Which is why we've chosen it as the location of our 10th annual Blog Awards.   More >

11 American cities with surprising street art scenes

2019-09-19 :: MATADOR NETWORK - STEP ASIDE, stuffy art museums — street art has taken over the nation as the most important contemporary art movement of our time. What began as a subversive form of art about 40 years ago is now, in many urban areas, city sanctioned. These under-represented street art scenes are quickly transforming America’s lesser-known urban areas into tourist destinations and cultural centers worthy of global praise.  More >

How An Accidental Discovery Led to Cincinnati's Best Beer Story

2019-09-19 :: OZY - The workday started like any typical HVAC installation: Unload equipment, confirm the location and connect the lines. Sometimes, particularly in renovations, the work also involves breaking through bricked-up doorways. In Cincinnati’s historic German neighborhood, Over the Rhine (OTR), that can mean uncovering a lost piece of beer history.
  More >

The Ultimate Guide to Cincinnati

2019-09-16 :: THE ROYAL TOUR - Cincinnati. Queen City. Once a hugely important river port and cultural hub of the Midwest, it has since faded mostly to obscurity. Nationally unimportant, it is, in a word, pleasant. Cincinnati isn’t at the top of many tourist lists, but a few days here can provide for a truly delightful getaway. This guide will focus on some of my personal favorite spots here during my more than a dozen trips out to visit while my dad was living in the area.  More >

SMERF Numbers Add up to Big Business for Destinations, Hotels and Venues

2019-09-12 :: ASSOCIATION CONVENTIONS & FACILITIES - The meetings industry is full of unique acronyms, but none are catchier than SMERF (social, military, educational, religious and fraternal) groups. Although SMERF groups typically are small, their numbers add up to big business for destinations, hotels and venues. Vibe Cincinnati works with local and national partners to create immersive multicultural experiences for SMERF groups that host events in Cincinnati.  More >

23 Cincy Summer Experiences to Enjoy

2019-09-09 :: DANA VENTO - When you can go on a vacation that is not too far from home but once there you feel like you are a million miles from home, you know that destination was the right choice. My teens and I got away this summer, but we ventured less than 5 hours from Pittsburgh! While I am sharing 23 Cincy Summer Experiences to enjoy, this is only the shortlist, there’s so much more!  More >

The 5 Best Design Destinations to Visit in October

2019-09-09 :: ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST - Fall doesn’t just mean back to school—the cultural calendar picks up steam for adults too. Cincinnati will become a destination for those attending Blink, the annual festival of light and art similar to Vivid Sydney. From October 10–13, this massive festival of light and art will take over Cincinnati and—for the first time ever—extend across the Ohio River to Kentucky. Expect projection mapping, street art murals, interactive light sculptures, and music along the riverfront.  More >

Cincinnati: The Top Places to Visit in One Weekend

2019-08-23 :: PICTURE PERFECT OHIO - Cincinnati, the Queen City, rising from the banks of the Ohio River, is a great place to spend a weekend away. If you’re heading to Cincinnati for a short break, this Top Places Guide will cover everything you need for a weekend of wonder! Let’s begin.  More >

The Best September Travel Destinations to Extend Your Summer

2019-08-23 :: THRILLIST - September, if you aren’t tied down by the dawning of a new academic calendar, is a phenomenal month to sneak in that one final trip you never got around to this summer. September ushers in that all-too-brief summer vacay sweet spot -- surge pricing has ended, but sunshine and warm nights remain. Music festival season gives way to harvest festival season. September vacations mean cheaper prices, better weather, and smaller crowds. Here are the best of ’em, for your consideration.  More >