Road trip! 10 fun destinations not too far from St. Louis

2018-05-21 :: ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH - At just over five hours’ drive from St. Louis, Cincinnati is close enough for a weekend trip. It sits right on the border of Ohio and Kentucky, so you’ll find some of that Southern charm there, too.   More >

Your next weekend trip: 20 things to do, see, eat in Cincinnati

2018-05-17 :: DAYTON DAILY NEWS - Cincinnati just made the list of top travel destinations for the summer, and you’ll find plenty of reasons why. Just a short drive away from Dayton, Cincinnati ranked as the sixth most popular city for summer travel this year.   More >

The Best Weekend Getaways in Every State

2018-05-16 :: READER'S DIGEST - A visit to this city along the Ohio River, which encompasses parts of both Ohio and Kentucky as suburbs, offers everything from Reds baseball and the Cincinnati Museum Center to the Cincinnati Zoo to the Newport Aquarium to keep both kids and adults busy.   More >

Why you should head to Cincinnati for fun, food and a vital American history lesson

2018-05-15 :: METRO - When it comes to US holidays Brits are usually so bewitched by sunny Cali, glam LA and cool NYC the lesser-known cities tend to fall by the wayside. But during my trip to Cincinnati I discovered a welcoming spirit, fine food and drink, and a truly outstanding museum. Here’s why you should make Cincinnati your next US break.  More >

What to See and Do in Cincinnati, Ohio

2018-05-14 :: TRAVEL CHANNEL - Cincinnati is a city that believes in itself — because, for years, if it didn’t, no one would. The city has worked hard to prove its worth, humble riverport that it is, and that’s why crowds still turn out to greet exciting new bars, restaurants, and, for that matter, public parks that wouldn’t even register with the jaded residents of other, hipper, cities.   More >

Don't underestimate dining scene in Cincinnati's dynamic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood

2018-05-08 :: CHICAGO TRIBUNE - Cincinnati has been celebrating beer since the early days; in 1860, it was home to 36 breweries, earning it the handle “Beer Capital of the World.” Where drink has gone, food has followed, forging a dense and toothsome district of independent, chef-run restaurants, crafty cocktail bars and playful microbreweries.
  More >

WOW Air set to take off from Cincinnati

2018-05-08 :: USA TODAY - Icelandic discount carrier WOW Air touches down at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) for the first time Thursday and will begin flying European-bound passengers four times a week.  More >

Another Country: The Road Trip From Indy To Cincy

2018-05-02 :: OUT MAGAZINE - The friendliness of the Midwest feels a million miles away from Southern hospitality on our mental map of the U.S., but the Ohio River acts as a zipper pulling together two seemingly disparate swatches of cultural fabric.   More >

Value Destinations

2018-05-01 :: CORPORATE & INCENTIVE TRAVEL - Value is the lifeblood of meetings. That’s why destinations of all sizes compete fiercely to offer value by building new hotels, convention centers and meeting venues while renovating and expanding existing ones. New attractions, restaurants and entertainment options are part of the efforts. We’ve picked out several more destinations that, no matter their size, aren’t shy about touting their value.  More >

Value Destinations

2018-05-01 :: CORPORATE & INCENTIVE TRAVEL - Small and mid-size destinations are stepping up attempts to vie with larger competitors by increasing value. The efforts are succeeding in some destinations, which are attracting more meetings and increasing occupancy rates, while gaining recognition as top value destinations.

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