Rail Reinvented: 8 Train Stations With Awesome Comeback Stories

2018-10-08 :: LIVABILITY - Some of America’s best comeback stories are playing out in a most unlikely place: train stations.Here are eight of our favorite train stations in the United States that have undergone some seriously cool transformations. They all have historic significance, and many now serve as their city’s living rooms, bringing together residents and travelers.
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Quirky slices of Germany you can find in America

2018-10-06 :: THE TELEGRAPH - The tide of American development in the 19th century saw the new nation stretch west, and quickly - and German settlers played a key role in that. Their legacy is writ large across the third biggest city in what is now the state of Ohio. incinnati boomed in the second half of the 19th century thanks to German immigration - the main result being Over The Rhine.

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City Spotlight: Cincinnati is a lot more than P&G and Skyline Chili

2018-10-03 :: AD AGE - This city in the heart of the country, where the living is cheaper and consumer sentiment is more representative of the country at large (or, say, the two coasts), is a draw for companies large and small. Together they're injecting renewed energy into a city already flush with new hotels, a new Major League Soccer team and a revitalized urban core.  More >

9 Reasons to Start a Business in Cincinnati

2018-09-26 :: LIVABILITY - Looking for an energetic, affordable place to do business? From startups to Fortune 500 companies, Cincinnati is the place to be.
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America’s Scariest Haunted Houses Are Just Around the Corner

2018-09-25 :: SMART MEETINGS - Halloween Productions President Larry Kirchner, a renowned haunted house designer and founder of Haunt World, has released his list for this year’s scariest haunted houses. From New York to Utah, each is only a short trip from some of the country’s best meeting venues.  More >

Celebrate Fall at a Midwest Oktoberfest

2018-09-19 :: MIDWEST LIVING - If any place knows how to pull off a good Oktoberfest (outside of Deutschland, that is), it’s the Midwest. A lot of us have German in our blood. Emigrants from Germany built many of our towns. They gave us brats, beer, cuckoo clocks and a fall party tradition dating back to an 1810 royal wedding in Munich. So crack open our guide to all things oompah.  More >

Bask in the Entire Cincinnati VIP Experience When Visiting for Music Festivals and Special Events

2018-09-10 :: UPSCALE LIVING MAGAZINE - This summer, party goers from around the world descended upon “The Queen City” to experience the 55th year of The Cincinnati Musical Festival. From Common and The Roots to Jill Scott and Charlie Wilson, melodious tunes were harmoniously belted out by superstars in the Paul Brown Stadium.   More >

7 Underrated Beer Cities in America

2018-09-01 :: TRAZEE TRAVEL - Cincinnati was historically a brewing hub, thanks to German immigrants’ business acumen in the mid-1800s. The industry declined in the mid-1900s, but craft breweries are once again on the upswing in the Queen City. Visit the many new breweries that popped up and take a tour of the historic brewery architecture.  More >

Take a trip to Ohio if you want to experience stunning views, amazing beer and a glimpse of American history

2018-08-26 :: SCOTTISH SUN - There is so much to do as you travel hundreds of miles across the state from Cincinnati to Columbus.
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Is Cincinnati chili actually chili? A dive into the city's most famous dish

2018-08-14 :: CHICAGO TRIBUNE - By any reasonable definition, Cincinnati chili is not chili. If this all sounds like the beginning of an epic slam against a beloved regional Midwest dish, the kind we've been exploring all month, set down your freshly sharpened pitchforks. I've been a fan since my first bite in college.  More >