The 10 Best Food Markets in the World

2019-06-06 :: NEWSWEEK - To truly experience the people and culture of a country, there is no better place to visit than the local fresh food market. For centuries, these classic markets have been selling basic staples, as well as local delicacies, to residents and tourists alike and providing perfect snapshots of society. If you are visiting these cities, make a beeline for these markets, stat!
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Travel and Tourism: Cincinnati

2019-06-06 :: OHIO BUSINESS MAGAZINE - Whether it’s eating Cincinnati-style chili during a Reds game or exploring the former brewery lager tunnels in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, there are some experiences and traditions that are absolutely unique to the Greater Cincinnati area.  More >

Cincinnati: A Great American City Roars Back

2019-06-03 :: FORBES - Skyscraper cognoscenti know where to look in the United States for one of the last century’s most important early superstructures, one that outside of its home city doesn’t get today nearly the kudos it merits. They admire downtown Cincinnati’s 1930 Art Deco Carew Tower for the National Historic Landmark that it deservedly is. And so will you.
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Cruising Through History Between Kentucky and Ohio

2019-05-31 :: KNOXVILLE DAILY SUN - The Ohio River both divides and unites the metropolitan region that on one bank has Cincinnati and on the other bank has Northern Kentucky, an interesting collection of several cities. Regional reality is proven by the fact that Cincinnati’s airport isn’t even in Ohio. It is across the river in Northern Kentucky.  More >

The Most Affordable Travel Destinations in the US - 2019 Edition

2019-05-31 :: SMART ASSET - There’s a big world out there, and a lot of people want to see as much of it as possible through travel. Unfortunately, most people can only spend so much of their savings on jet-setting. As a result, finding places to take a vacation on a budget is important. To that end, SmartAsset researched the most affordable vacation destinations in America.  More >

13 destinations in the US that rival castles in Europe

2019-05-30 :: INSIDER - While the United States may not exactly have had monarchs, it's always had the next closest thing: really rich people. And if you're a really rich person who wants to feel royal, where do you live? In a castle, of course. The aesthetic appeal of castles lasted far longer than the Crusades, and more than a few American millionaires of the late 19th and early 20th centuries took to building their own lavish Medieval-inspired homes. Here are some spectacular American destinations to visit on your next road trip.  More >

Hit the Rails in Ohio

2019-05-30 :: LEISURE GROUP TRAVEL - Ohio’s famous Wright Brothers may have invented the first airplane, but passenger rail also played an important role in the region’s fascinating history. Experience a rolling rendezvous with nature and national treasures on a vintage rail excursion. The nostalgic appeal of train travel has always interested urban adventurers, but these themed tours will also inspire them. Book your tickets to ride and keep your group on track with authentic and alluring rail adventures in the Buckeye State.
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Locals Know Best: Cincinnati

2019-05-30 :: BUDGET TRAVEL - There's no better guide to a city than someone who lives there, so we asked local bar-owner and seventh-generation Cincy resident Molly Wellmann for her take on culture, food, and drink in the city she calls home.
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Hey! When did Cincinnati get so fun?

2019-05-26 :: ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH - When I dream, I dream of Cincinnati. I haven’t lived in the Queen City for more than 35 years, but it still inhabits my subconscious. And while I still return once or twice a year, I decided to make my most recent visit different. This time, I decided to see the city as a tourist. And here is what I learned: My home town is a great town.
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Summer in Southwest Ohio

2019-05-25 :: THE PLAIN DEALER - rom legendary amusement parks such as Kings Island to museums to top-notch music venues and festivals, this corner of the state has plenty to draw visitors in and outside the state. This summer is no different. Here’s a taste of what’s available to do in Southwest Ohio in the weeks to come.  More >