Exclusive: Best cities for a short trip in the US, according to Hotwire

2019-07-15 :: USA TODAY - Eyes glazed over from staring into your work computer every day? Or maybe you're eager to explore a new city outside of your backyard? Perhaps it's time for a quick trip. Today, Hotwire released its picks for best U.S. cities for quick trips ?– getaways of 72 hours or less. The travel booking site analyzed and scored over 10,000 data points and 250 cities on three main factors: best bang for your buck, ease of arrival and things to do.  More >

The birthplace of aviation marks the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing

2019-07-06 :: LONELY PLANET - There aren’t many places in America that have sent more astronauts into orbit than Ohio, and this summer, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing, the state is throwing a serious party to celebrate.
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Four of a Kind

2019-07-01 :: TRAILBLAZER MAGAZINE - For a variety of historical reasons, the United States has several destinations with the nickname of "Queen City" or something similarly regal. Several of the royal nicknames can be traced back to monarchies in England or on mainland Europe, while other cities called the Queen City, or the like, have earned the moniker in a different manner.   More >

Couples' trips: 9 outdoor getaways in the US where romance and adventure meet

2019-06-21 :: USA TODAY - You don't have to book an expensive international trip in order to enjoy a romantic vacation for two. All over the country, there are adventures waiting to be experienced together.  More >

From scandals to milestones, an expanded museum and tours celebrate 150 years of baseball in Cincinnati

2019-06-12 :: CHICAGO TRIBUNE - When the Cubs play the Reds at Great American Ball Park the weekend of June 28-30, they will face a club commemorating a history longer than their own. The longest, in fact. Cincinnati lays claim to the first all-pro baseball team, founded in 1869, and tells the story of its 150 years in a newly expanded museum and in tours of its ballpark next door.  More >

Port City: Cincinnati

2019-06-12 :: GROUP TOUR MAGAZINE - Cincinnati, a major port on the Ohio River, is a cultural center with two major sports franchises, many museums and eclectic architecture. Randie Adam is the vice president of marketing and visitor experience at Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau. She shared details about Port City Cincinnati with managing editor David Hoekman.   More >

Over-the-Rhine: Cincinnati's Historic Neighborhood Hums Again

2019-06-10 :: FORBES - With street after street of fine Italianate buildings, Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood is getting its due these days as one of the nation's premier historic districts. For decades in deep decline, OTR is now a grand tale of urban revival, booming as it is with some 150 new restaurants, bars, and shops and businesses that have opened in the last few years.
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The Ultimate Family Weekend Guide to Cincinnati, Ohio

2019-06-10 :: THE RAMBLING RAMNATHS - Each year we set a family goal of spending one weekend a month getting out of the house and having quality time together. This year, we were able to get in a weekend away this fall to one of our favorite cities, Cincinnati. There is so much to do and see! More than you can fit into a weekend but on this adventure, we packed in as much as we could, and I’m so excited to share it all with you!   More >

Beyond the Tony Awards and Broadway, here are 10 great places to see a play

2019-06-07 :: USA TODAY - Although this weekend’s Tony Awards shine a spotlight on Broadway, there’s no need to visit New York to see a great show. Many winning actors and plays got their start in regional theaters, says Alison Lenox, and these local companies still stage some of the country’s best productions.
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The 10 Best Food Markets in the World

2019-06-06 :: NEWSWEEK - To truly experience the people and culture of a country, there is no better place to visit than the local fresh food market. For centuries, these classic markets have been selling basic staples, as well as local delicacies, to residents and tourists alike and providing perfect snapshots of society. If you are visiting these cities, make a beeline for these markets, stat!
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