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Heartbeat of Middle America

2018-03-09 :: SMART MEETINGS MAGAZINE - Now experiencing a vigorous live music renewal, Cincinnati was an early music capital and  a hotbed for artists who wanted their music heard around the country. Today, the city is a hotbed for the meetings industry,   More >

The 7 Best Affordable Restaurants in Downtown Cincinnati

2018-03-09 :: TRAVELMAG - Those who miss Cincinnati’s budding, vibrant food scene are missing out. In a town where chefs come to get started, and then end up staying just because they love the region so much, there’s an endless amount of culinary treats to be had.
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Cincinnati: Midwestern Modern

2018-03-08 :: GLOBAL TRAVELER - A change is occurring on the edge of the Midwest, right where Ohio gives way to the northern border of Kentucky and the eastern border of Indiana. The city of Cincinnati, the third-largest in the state and a regional destination for decades, is undergoing a renaissance, with revitalization making way for new business, a new millennial workforce and, in turn, new travelers.
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Choose Cincinnati as your Next Destination for…Anything

2018-03-07 :: REWARD EXPERT - Organizations do not have to spend a fortune to hold a first-class convention or major gathering. Nor do they need to head to major cities like New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco. Cities like Cincinnati, Ohio provide companies with choice and convenience.
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Blink Cincinnati: Taking Art to the Streets

2018-02-23 :: HOW MAGAZINE - For four nights this past October, Cincinnati’s central neighborhoods were transformed into museum galleries and playgrounds, and about a million visitors went on essentially the city’s largest art crawl.
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2018 Best Affordable Places To Live

2018-02-22 :: LIVABILITY - While Cincinnati residents spend the most on necessities out of all the cities on the list, they still spend 25% less than the average American — which is downright unheard of for a major city.  More >

Ohio’s Old Country Cuisine

2018-02-19 :: LEISURE GROUP TRAVEL - Ohio’s ethnic roots can be traced through its fertile farmland and cosmopolitan cities. Rural and urban areas alike share the state’s rich cultural heritage, and there’s no better way for groups to experience the Buckeye State and its hundreds of nationalities than through its ethnic cuisine.  More >

Cincinnati, Ohio Food and Drink Guide

2018-02-16 :: OHIO GIRL TRAVELS - From James Beard award-winning and nominated restaurants, trendy foodie hotspots to local comfort foods, the Queen City’s culinary scene is a food-lover’s paradise. Continue reading this Cincinnati, Ohio food and drink guide to fuel your foodie inspiration in the Queen City.  More >

Top 10 Best Places in the U.S. to Take Your Family Vacation in 2018

2018-02-16 :: STUFFED SUITCASE - Trying to decide where you should go on vacation? The lovely folks at Lonely Planet recently released their picks for the best places to visit in 2018. This list takes Lonely Planet's suggestions and gives family vacation ideas.  More >

America's Most Artistic Towns

2018-02-12 :: EXPEDIA - In our second-annual feature of the most artistic towns in America, we found another wealth of places currently giving our large cities a run for their money with creative festivals, top art schools, cutting-edge productions, dynamic street art, and generous community support and patronage.  More >