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3 amusement parks worth traveling to this summer

2018-07-18 :: CHICAGO PARENT - If your family loves amusement parks and you’re looking for some summer travel inspiration, here are three parks worth making the trek to. Whether you’re up for driving or flying, new adventures await in these family-friendly destinations.
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Top 10 Things for Families to Do in Cincinnati

2018-07-12 :: TREKAROO - Situated on the banks of the Ohio River, the Cincinnati metropolitan area spans both Ohio to the north and Kentucky to the south. Cincinnati is the perfect destination for a Midwest family vacation. Here’s Trekaroo’s list of our top 10 fun things to do in Cincinnati with kids!  More >

How to Fiona the Hippo-fy Your Next Visit to Cincinnati

2018-07-08 :: SAND AND SNOW - If you’ve been following the journey of Fiona, Cincinnati Zoo’s adorable baby hippo, you know how she’s happily stolen the hearts of practically everyone that knows her name. But where to go in the Queen City to get your Fiona fill? Happily, there are plenty of places to visit. From craft brews named after the cutie to creamy delights, here’s how to Fiona the Hippo-fy you next visit to Cincinnati, Ohio!
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Cincinnati: Eat like a king in Queen City

2018-06-25 :: INDEPENDENT - The 'Queen City' is a beautiful place, rich in history and character, brimming with energy and colour, and adorned with a real European feel. It may not immediately spring to mind when planning a trip to America, but the growing popularity of Cincinnati as a holiday destination cannot be ignored.
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Exploring the ‘Social’ Side of SMERF Meetings

2018-06-22 :: MEETINGS TODAY - The SMERF (social, military, education, religious, fraternal) banner covers an array of groups that on the surface would seem to have little in common, pertaining to everything from weddings to military reunions and fraternal conventions. What these groups share, however, is that their gatherings bring together people who are actively choosing to get together.  More >

A Tale of Three Cities in Ohio

2018-06-21 :: TRAVELPULSE - Three cities with totally different personalities lie within driving distance of each other, offering surprising experiences within Ohio. Cincinnati, Akron, and Cleveland represent middle America with a different take on the culture of the state.
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20 cool cities you should check out before everyone else does

2018-06-20 :: MATADOR NETWORK - This is one of those cities that manages to stay mellow despite the drama. Drama being a great beer and music scene, some really cool museums, killer chili, and a constantly evolving list of new-school restaurants. If one city on this list really surprises you, it might be right here.
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9 Destinations on the Rise in 2018

2018-06-13 :: SMART MEETINGS - Cities are like people—they have their ups and downs. Many around the world have been struck with crises or have simply become overshadowed by more famous tourist magnets. But these same cities ultimately come bouncing back, offering fresh and enriching experiences and turning into exciting, trending destinations.
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The Arts are Flourishing in Cincinnati

2018-06-07 :: NEW YORK TIMES - New York Times columnist, Jada Yuan, is visiting each destination on the 52 Places to Go in 2018 list. This dispatch brought her to Cincinnati; it took the No. 8 spot on the list and is the 16th stop on Jada’s itinerary.  More >

Summer Road Trip: 36 Hours in Cincinnati

2018-06-06 :: CLEVELAND SCENE - In all, 52 neighborhoods make up Cincinnati, aka the Queen of the Midwest. Each has its own distinct texture and history, and while, as is said about many Midwest cities, Cincy is experiencing a resurgent cultural boom, the truth is the devotion to the arts, excellent food and coolness has always been there in those neighborhoods — it's just taking a moment to be noticed by outsiders.
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