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7 Great Cities for Cooling Off

2019-08-01 :: LIVABILITY -  Cincinnati scored a spot on Livability's list of the Top 100 Best Places to Live. And while summers here can get hot, Cincy knows how to cool off in some seriously delicious ways. The city prides itself on its frozen treats, including its claim to fame: Graeter’s Ice Cream, which has been churning out heavenly French pot ice cream since 1868. And in 1970, a Cincinnatian invented the Slush Puppie machine, providing brain-chilling concoctions to generations to come.  More >

10 great public markets to taste city flavors

2019-07-31 :: USA TODAY - Public markets offer an easy way to get the flavor of a city. Often historic landmarks, they sell regional produce and products and offer plenty of dining options. In many ways, they’re the original food halls. “These places introduce you to a lot of new things. They’re where you see the local color and you get the sounds and smells and taste of the location,” says Helen Tangires, author of "Movable Markets." She shares some favorites with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY.  More >

10 great places to celebrate Shark Week

2019-07-30 :: USA TODAY - They may be cold-blooded killers, but sharks are getting a lot of love. This week Discovery Channel broadcasts its 30th annual Shark Week, featuring eight days of shark-centric programming, ending Aug. 4. Neil Hammerschlag, a marine ecologist at the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and a Shark Week contributor, joins Discovery Channel to share favorite sites to see and dive alongside the ferocious fish with 10 Great Places columnist Larry Bleiberg and USA TODAY.
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Need A Reason To Add Cincinnati To Your Travel List? Here’s A Few!

2019-07-30 :: TRAVEL NOIRE - This past weekend was the Cincinnati Music Festival, Presented by P&G, previously known as the Ohio Valley Jazz Festival. I was invited to the city to not only experience the festival but to experience Cincinnati, and I can honestly say I was blown away.  More >

How to Spend a Weekend in Cincinnati

2019-07-29 :: IJEOMA KOLA - As a woman who grew up in the Northeast, just a short drive away from New York City, I must admit I never thought for a second of visiting Cincinnati. Heck, I didn’t even know how to spell it properly until last weekend (2 n’s, 1 t) when I visited the city for the Cincinnati Music Festival, Presented by P&G! After spending a weekend in Cincinnati, I must say that I was completely surprised by the city and would highly recommend it as a travel destination for a long weekend! Keep reading to find out how to spend a weekend in Cincinnati.
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21 of America's Most Unique Art Towns

2019-07-18 :: CUBESMART - Art is meant to challenge, inspire, question, and surprise. These towns stand out for embracing art in unique and fresh ways. This is not a list of the obvious. We know groundbreaking work happens in NYC, and that San Francisco's history is littered with non-conformist creators. This list is to celebrate the underrated places and artists that well deserve to be appreciated in our time.
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Exclusive: Best cities for a short trip in the US, according to Hotwire

2019-07-15 :: USA TODAY - Eyes glazed over from staring into your work computer every day? Or maybe you're eager to explore a new city outside of your backyard? Perhaps it's time for a quick trip. Today, Hotwire released its picks for best U.S. cities for quick trips ?– getaways of 72 hours or less. The travel booking site analyzed and scored over 10,000 data points and 250 cities on three main factors: best bang for your buck, ease of arrival and things to do.  More >

The birthplace of aviation marks the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing

2019-07-06 :: LONELY PLANET - There aren’t many places in America that have sent more astronauts into orbit than Ohio, and this summer, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing, the state is throwing a serious party to celebrate.
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Four of a Kind

2019-07-01 :: TRAILBLAZER MAGAZINE - For a variety of historical reasons, the United States has several destinations with the nickname of "Queen City" or something similarly regal. Several of the royal nicknames can be traced back to monarchies in England or on mainland Europe, while other cities called the Queen City, or the like, have earned the moniker in a different manner.   More >

Couples' trips: 9 outdoor getaways in the US where romance and adventure meet

2019-06-21 :: USA TODAY - You don't have to book an expensive international trip in order to enjoy a romantic vacation for two. All over the country, there are adventures waiting to be experienced together.  More >