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The Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitors Bureau's Member Directory is your guide to local resources.

Whether you're looking for where to stay, something fun to do, a great place to eat, a particular service, where to shop, or how to get around, our Member Directory is the first place to look.

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Charm Consulting
Charm Consulting, LLC is an innovative consulting firm in Cincinnati, Ohio. The firm specializes in Branding, Public Relations & Upscale Event planning for elite clientele. We take a consultative approach to every single project we commit to for our clients. Prior to offering our expertise, we make it a point to first thoroughly research the clientele to get a clear idea of the public perception. Depending on the results of the research we will either refine the existing public relations initiatives or recommend a completely customized public relations plan based upon goals/objectives developed in collaboration with our client. P.O. Box 42793
Cincinnati, OH 45242

T (513) 290-6357

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ColorNine is a marketing agency specializing in strategic planning, creative, social media and promotion, helping some of the region's most recognizable brands to move audiences to action. 10250 Alliance Rd. Ste.225
Blue Ash, OH 45242

T (513) 237-7758

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Fusion Media
Fusion Media has a proven track record for helping advertisers achieve their marketing goals by effectively delivering their messages in today's changing and complex media world. We connect clients with their B2C and B2B audiences in a way that is targeted, engaging, and always aligned with their business objectives. Our team of media professionals work in collaboration with our clients and their creative teams to develop media plans that flow from the communication strategies and generate measurable results. 842 Miami Ridge Dr.
Loveland, OH 45140

T (513) 703-6015

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Market Direct
As a business owner, marketing manager, or event planner, building effective, professional and unified marketing communications is a reflection on you and that's why you insist on flawless execution. That's where MARKET DIRECT, INC., fits in as your marketing communications professionals. From idea generation through product delivery, we partner with you, in excellence, to market your business, fundraising campaigns and social organization events, all while meeting your high expectations. 690 Northland Blvd.
Cincinnati, OH 45240

T (513) 563-4900

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McCabe Media
McCabe Media works with service-focused businesses to efficiently direct marketing spend for maximum growth. Our omni-channel approach provides an agile, scalable and metric-based marketing system that stakeholders can rely upon. We work from the same side of the boardroom table with each client to customize a full-service, targeted sales funnel. Telling great stories about good business. 441 Vine Street Suite 3200
Cincinnati, OH 45202

T (513) 400-6002

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The region's largest communication's firm, offering advertising, public relations, influencer marketing, brand strategy and new product marketing. Sawyer Point Building 720 E. Pete Rose Way
Cincinnati, OH 45202

T (513) 421-8840

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Open Road Creative Marketing
Open Road is focused on creating loyal relationships in today's hyper-dynamic marketing environment by exceeding expectations for service and fostering trust thru integrity in all things. We have unwavering passion for our clients’ success and a commitment to extremely high standards of quality for every interaction and deliverable. 212 Main Street 2nd Floor
Milford, OH 45150

T (513) 703-6900

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Stanard Design Partners
Stanard Design Partners is a design agency focusing on print, web, and brand design. Offering a range of services, both traditional and emerging, Stanard Design Partners develops coordinated campaigns tailored to meet your communication needs. 2712 Erie Ave., #303
Cincinnati, OH 45208

T (513) 871-3836

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