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Cincy USA Tourism Ambassadors

The Cincy USA Certified Tourism Ambassador™ Program is part of a national customer service certification program created to increase tourism by inspiring front-line hospitality employees and volunteers to turn every visitor encounter into a positive experience.
The premise is simple. When they receive quality service, visitors (convention attendees, leisure and business travelers, etc.) are more likely to have positive experiences; and importantly, are more likely to return in the future. They will share their perceptions with their networks. Everyone benefits – visitors, hospitality workers and their employers as well as the local and regional economies.

This “new future” of tourism is accomplished by customizing a program for Cincinnati USA that is more than just training  … it’s certification.  Successful candidates will receive the designation Certified Tourism Ambassador™ (e.g. John Smith, CTA) and will renew their certification on an annual basis to maintain their knowledge and skill base. 
This industry-recognized certification program, Tourism Ambassador Institute™, has been featured in USA Today, the L.A. Times and Business Week Online and CVBs across the country are rapidly adopting it — including Kansas City, Baltimore, Anaheim, Dallas/Fort Worth, Columbus, Oklahoma City and San Antonio. More than 17,000 individuals have achieved the CTA designation nationwide to-date, and the number continues to grow.
How to Sign Up for a Class
Click here to check on class locations and dates. 

How it works:

Front-line hospitality staff, volunteers, managers and anyone who comes in contact with Cincinnati visitors are welcome to join the program. Once registered for a session, a person receives the Cincinnati-based text as a pre-read. Then, they attend one four-hour session which covers four modules to enhance our visitor experience:
1. Importance of the Tourism Industry
2. Cincinnati USA’s Unique Assets
3. Cincinnati USA Resources
4. Customer Service Excellence
At the end of the session, an open-book test is administered, and those who pass become Certified Tourism Ambassadors (tm) The Cincy USA CTAs will have the benefit of using this designation in their signature, receiving city/program updates, experience opportunities, discounts and freebies to further learn and enjoy the Cincinnati region.

Upcoming Classes
June 15, 2022; 1-5 p.m. at Hampton Inn/Homewood Suites Downtown Cincinnati
Sign Up online or by application

Sign up online at CTAnetwork.com . On the map, choose Ohio or Kentucky for our program. You may also fill out and submit this paper application. You may submit a check for payment or pay online with a credit card.

Bringing a Class to Your Facility
Many employers are interested in hosting classes for their employees, and can do so at discounted rates. Contact Tyler Minton for more details: TMinton@VisitCincy.com. Additionally, a business may wish to have employees undergo training to become Cincy USA Tourism Ambassador facilitators, so they can host classes as needs arise.

Program Fees

Classes are $36 for the first year of the program, and includes the 180-page PreRead Binder, class costs, and pin. Group discounts are available for employers who enroll 7 or more employees. Email TMinton@VisitCincy.com for details.

Renewal of your CTA Certification happens on an annual basis in the last quarter of each year. Here are the steps to renew:
  • Visit www.ctanetwork.com
  • Login using your Username & Password.
  • On the left side, in the blue box, click "Record My Points".
  • Click "Record Points" 
  • Review your profile information, make changes if necessary, then click, "Save".
  • Record your points.  
  • For attractions not on the list you can enter them either under “Attending CTA networking Events/Activities or Attending Educational programs, Seminars” and get 5 points.
  • Once you’ve gotten 50 points, no need to go over the points, you can save them for next year.
Host a Class at your Facility
We are currently seeking facilities to host CTA classes. Please contact Tyler Minton at tminton@VisitCincy.com if you can host a class.