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Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza

Why You Need to Pick a Historical Building for Your Next Meeting


A historical building can add some unexpected dimensions to your meeting. Find out more. 

There are few cities that have as rich a history as Cincinnati. And you can see that while walking through our downtown and many of our other neighborhoods. The gorgeous architecture leaves visitors breathless and has even attracted movies such as Carol and Miles Ahead to film in our city.

With all of this beauty surrounding us, it got us to thinking about what a historical building can bring to a meeting. And it turns out, there’s a lot!


With a lot of hotels, when you’ve seen one ballroom, you’ve seen them all. No one could ever say that about the ballrooms at the Hilton Netherland Plaza. The beauty and opulence obviously come from another period and yet, never will go out of style. And it transports attendees to a time when gloves were worn and everyone was just a little more elegant. These ballrooms, in a word, are special and are more than happy to lend that specialness to any meeting.


Cincinnati is a city of inventors, and these inventors have touched just about every industry. One of our most famous examples of that is Powel Crosley, Jr., who worked in everything from consumer sales practices to radios. His former home, Pinecroft Mansion, still houses many of his inventions.

Looking back to the history of your industry can be a great learning exercise. It can show you a new perspective that you might not have otherwise considered and give you more options for solving industry problems. So taking your attendees to where it all began can be a great choice for a meeting.


In many ways, historical buildings can be grander. Take, for example, Rhinegeist Brewery. This brewery is housed in a building that’s grand both in size and beauty. This building used to be owned by Christian Moerlein, a man that was very important to one of Cincinnati’s great industries: beer. He built a building that was very much a cathedral to beer. So it’s only fitting that Rhinegeist creates its own beer there now.

And with a grand space comes grand possibilities. You can get your attendees super active with a yoga session or you can have more leisurely fun with cornhole. It’s a large canvas that can accommodate many activities that you might think are only reserved for the outdoors, and yet it’s beautiful in a way that could only come from another time.

Have you used a historical building for your meeting? How did it affect your meeting?

Main image courtesy Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza