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The Cincinnati skyline provides great views for a walking meeting.

Walk Your Way to a Healthier Meeting


Turn your meeting into a healthy meeting by adding opportunities for your attendees to get steps in throughout the event.

In an age where everyone is taking extra care with what they eat and making more of an effort to get moving, it is time to make your meeting healthier!

More and more planners are including exercise classes in order to boost the healthy factor of their meetings. But why not make your meeting stand out by making the exercise fun? Or you can even make it not seem like exercise at all.

Walking is possibly the oldest form of exercise. It is effective and low-impact, which makes it available to almost all attendees of various sizes and abilities. And being in a walkable city like Cincinnati, attendees will gravitate towards activities that take advantage of those opportunities to get out and experience what the city has to offer.

What can you do to make walking more fun for your attendees?

Pedometer Giveaways

Everyone is looking for that giveaway that will stick with attendees throughout the year. Why not a pedometer? This health-conscious device could keep attendees moving during the meeting, and there is a good chance that they will continue to wear it afterwards. And with your logo on the pedometer, that means you are more likely to stay at the top of their minds.

And while your attendees are at the event, you can offer contests to make sure that they do move. You can keep it simple and declare the winner the person that has the most steps by the end of the meeting. Or you can make it more accessible by putting the names of everyone that hits the magic number of 10,000 steps per day into a drawing for a prize. Either way, this extra bit of motivation will get your attendees a little bit healthier without them even realizing it.

Photo Walks

When you visit a beautiful city like Cincinnati, your attendees will want to experience it. You can do the regular sightseeing or you can turn the idea on its head. Most people now carry a smartphone with them wherever they go, and that smartphone has a camera. Take advantage of that.

Walk around the city with your attendees, and show them the beauty and architecture they may not have noticed otherwise. Encourage them to use smartphone apps, like Instagram, and remind them to tag their photos with your hashtag. Your attendees will have fun networking while discussing which filter would look best with each picture and not even realize that they are getting some fun exercise in.

Walking Club

Maybe your attendees are looking for something that looks a bit more exercise. Look for the downtimes during your meeting and help your attendees form walking clubs during those times. Take the amount of time into account and come up with a trail that your attendees can easily cover in that period. Cincinnati has a path for one, two and three mile walks that is available to everyone that wants to check out the city by foot, and each distance is easy to cover during those downtimes of a meeting.

How are you getting your attendees moving during your meetings?