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Two Ways to Make Your Attendees Stars


Make your attendees feel special with these two star-making ideas.

We all know that the real reason why meetings and conferences exist is because of the attendees that choose to attend. Somusic hall cincinnati ohio meetings it only makes sense to find ways to showcase them and make them the stars of your conference.

But where do you start? And how do you make it fun for all? We turned to the experts at the Cincinnati Music Hall to get their take. After all, the Music Hall does welcome many stars throughout the year.

Choir Wars

convention group on stage at Music Hall in Cincinnati for convention planning

When asked about the most unique event they have seen at the event, the staff at the Music Hall said that it was with a doubt the time they hosted a choir war. The meeting was broken up into different choirs, and they took all day to practice. Luckily, with so many different rooms in the Music Hall, it was easy to space the choirs out, so they could practice in secret. That night, all of the choirs performed their songs and a winner was chosen. Everyone was given a place in the limelight, but in such a way that even the most shy among them would not be too embarrassed.

Don’t have a full day that you can devote to practicing for a choir war? Why not form your choirs around the towns they are coming from or, if possible, around their company? Working together in this way will provide a great team-building activity that might inspire other ideas in the future.

Dancing with the Attendees

At every networking event that’s ever included dancing, there are always a couple of dancing stars. Why not take advantage of that and include a little pop culture into your meeting?

Pair some of your attendees up just like on the show, “Dancing with the Stars,” and task them with the challenge to create a dance for a performance. And then when the spotlight hits them on stage, watch the magic happen, as they soak up the cheers from their fellow attendees. With just two people per team, this could be an easier solution for smaller conferences and those with attendees spread out across the country.

However you do it, remembering the real stars of your conference and putting the spotlight back on them will only enhance everyone’s experience. And it will definitely have your attendees wanting to come back for more.

How have you made your attendees stars?