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Turn Your Sightseeing Tour On Its Head


 Make your meeting's sightseeing tour memorable and an experience with these three ideas. 

Sightseeing tours are a fun part of any meeting. Attendees look forward to seeing the city that they are visiting and finding out why it’s so special. And you did pick the city your meeting is in because it’s special, right?

But it’s very easy to get caught up in the standard sightseeing tour: Taking attendees around to top spots, and letting them explore. A sightseeing tour can be much more memorable than that and can leave your attendees talking and bonding over the experience.

Here are a few ideas we think could work well for your next sightseeing tour:

Add a workout

Many of your attendees are getting up early to get their workouts in, so why not take advantage of that? Cincinnati Running Tours is doing just that. With several courses of varying difficulty, attendees are shown the city in a very different way. And they don’t chance getting lost in a new city, like they would if they were to go at it alone. Your attendees can be inspired by all of the new historical and cultural facts they pick up along the way, and they can be motivated by accomplishing something amazing while others are still sound asleep in their beds. It’s a sure-fire way to bond everyone that takes part in the tour.

Theme it

With a city like Cincinnati, there is just so much that you could see that there is just no way to fit in everything. Instead of trying to tell the whole story, focus on one aspect and really dive into it. For Cincinnati, that could mean telling the story of how you are really walking in the footsteps of great historical figures while in the city. Or maybe go on an architectural tour and show the beauty of the art deco examples you can find throughout the city. Amazingly, just committing to that one aspect will tend to interest your attendees more and tell them a far more compelling story.

Make it fun

There is nothing quite like embracing your inner kid when it comes to any meeting activity. It disarms attendees and tends to have lasting effects on all involved. Nothing does this more than a Newport Duck Tour. From the duck quackers to the splash into the Ohio River, there are plenty of moments where all of your attendees will feel like giggling kids again.

How have you turned your sightseeing tour on its head?