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Tips for a better RFP for your meeting


The best way to make your meeting dazzle your attendees? Start with the RFP.

One of the most important aspects of your meeting is the location, and so it is of great importance that you take the time and effort necessary to pick the perfect place. For many, that process includes a request-for-proposal (RFP).

But are you putting the effort in to make the RFP the best it can be? Or are you just using the same tired document year after year? And most importantly, are you getting the responses you need to make the best decision?

There are some areas that we’ve found have helped put together a better response to your RFP:

Give a history of the event

Giving a three year history of your event, including a history of any revenue generators, such as food and beverage or audio/visual. By providing this information, the Cincinnati USA CVB can then provide options that are best suited to your organization and can look for locations that will provide a discount based on your event’s past successes. This then will make your dollar and your proposal go further.

Be reasonable with the turnaround

One of the many reasons to work with our CVB is that we can find opportunities to wow your attendees. The best opportunities, however, take time. Be sure to give as much time as you can allow to make a timely decision, so that all aspects of the proposal can be gathered in the best possible way.

Why are you requesting a proposal

If you are sending your RFP to a pool of candidates, give those candidates some indication of why. Did you like a particular location? Are you in love with the food scene? Did you want your attendees to partake in a particular activity that our city offers? The more you communicate these wants, the more likely you will be to receive the proposal you need.

Define the decision process

Give a schedule of when a decision is expected to be made and when contracts will be signed. Be very clear about your evaluation process. Is there something that will make one location rise above another? Then outline that. Are you planning on site visits? Give an approximate date, so we can plan to show you just what we have to offer. Include as many details as possible in this section, so that we can be prepared to help you make the best decision possible.

What has helped you receive better responses to your RFPs?

Photo credit:
Robert Donovan