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Plan with Google Art Project


 What if you could look at a venue without leaving your desk?

Just imagine it: You’re sitting in your office, planning for the next event. First thing’s first, you need to pick a venue. You have your proposals in, with their staged pictures and black and white diagrams. But there is just something missing. You don’t have the budget to check out each venue, so instead, you hop onto your computer. You explore each room as if you are right there and can picture what will go where for your event. You’ve now got the real feel for the venues and can make a better decision.

This is not the future. This is today. The Google Art Project recently visited the Cincinnati Art Museum to take images, so that you can do just that. The Art Project uses the same mapping technology that Google Maps uses, but instead, it is mapping the inside of museums. You will be able to walk the halls of the Cincinnati Art Museum or you can look at individual pieces from their collection.

Google is also expanding this techology to map local landmarks. You can explore the inside of Arnold's Bar & Grill and imagine what it's like to actually sit at the bar grabbing a cold one after a long day.

Obviously, this technology has some real world benefit to the world of event planning:

  • Check out more venues virtually: Like mentioned above, you no longer have to rely on what is provided to you via a proposal. You can just get on a computer and explore a room virtually. This is easy on your budget and your time.

  • Fewer surprises when setting up a room: You do your walk-through of a room, and suddenly you realize that there is something blocking the line of sight of one of your VIP tables. By looking at both a diagram and the room virtually on the computer, you can catch possible problems ahead of time.

  • Plan a tour: When having an event at a wonderful location like the Cincinnati Art Museum, it would be a shame not to learn more about the art that surrounds you. Make a plan ahead of time by picking out pieces that could be relevant to your event and then coordinate with the museum to learn more.

How do you think you would use technology like this?

Editor's Note: Jungle Jim's International Market east side location has now been mapped out via the Google Maps technology, so you can now check out one of Cincinnati's most interesting locations while still sitting at your desk.