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Duke Energy Convention Center

Plan for a Great Location for Your Meeting


Did you know that the location of your meeting can affect the needs of your attendees during downtimes? Here are a few things you should look out for. 

As a meeting planner, it’s easy to concentrate on the details of the event itself. But that is only one part of the equation.

A great meeting planner also concentrates on which parts of a host city attendees will most enjoy during meeting downtimes. Each group of attendees has a different list, but we have found that there are some host city desires that are universal. And they all lead to one fact: The location of your conference needs to be close to your attendees’ creature comforts.


Having great restaurants within walking distance is essential. Business gets done at conferences during those inbetween period,s and the wheels get greased when a tasty meal is present. Taking a cab to a location takes more time and getting to a car to drive takes even longer. But a quick walk? That will mean more those downtimes can be taken advantage of and more business can be done. And more business deals that are created at your conference means that you are more likely to keep your attendees coming back.

The Duke Energy Convention Center and many of Cincinnati's hotels have quick access to a wide range of options. Whether it’s a grab-and-go to take advantage of the beauty of Fountain Square or a high end restaurant for wining and dining, it’s always just steps away from the doors of many meeting location.


Things happen during a conference. Shirts get stains, items get forgotten and pantyhose gets runs. Securing a location that allows for these situations to get dealt with quickly and quietly will make your attendees grateful in the long run. And the ability to spend a little time shopping for the non-essentials will help some of your attendees de-stress during particularly stressful meetings.

Within just a few blocks of the Duke Energy Convention Center, there are shops of every size and shape. Whether it’s a full professional outfit that is needed or the perfect Cincinnati souvenir, attendees can easily find it all.


It’s no surprise that health has become an obsession for most people. And a hotel that offers a gym is a great start. But the fact is that many people want to get outside to get a walk or run in, as they experience the city they are in. As a meeting planner, you can even help facilitate this be helping to form groups that come out together. And that will get you ahead of those tweets asking for running partners that will likely end up on your hashtag.

The areas surrounding the Duke Energy Convention Center can be hilly, tree-lined and full of gorgeous architecture. That means a challenging and enjoyable run or walk for all of your attendees.

How has the location of your conference helped your attendees?