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Westin Cincinnati

Partnerships for stronger meetings


Did you know that strategic partnerships can create more business for you and meet more of the needs of your attendees? Find out how.

Partnerships. With the right ones, everyone involved becomes stronger and accomplishes more goals.

Good examples of ways to leverage partnership abound at the Westin Cincinnati. Their downtown location already affords ample opportunities. Throw in a multi purpose building and the partnership possibilities are in overdrive.

The lessons that they have learned from these relationships through the years have been plentiful and luckily they are more than willing to share to help you plan your meetings.

Start local

When creating partnerships, the Westin Cincinnati started with businesses and organizations that were literally just steps from their door. They looked for ways that they could help each other and bring in more business for everyone.

Whether you are talking local in terms of geography or industry, there is an excellent chance that your local has opportunities that you haven’t considered yet. Just start the conversation to see where it might take you.

Don’t be afraid of the competition

In the case of the Westin Cincinnati, they have been known to partner with businesses that also offer meeting spaces. It has meant that they can accommodate larger and more varied meetings. And it has opened up business opportunities that they could not have considered before.

Take a look at organizations that are also servicing your customers. How can you help each other do a better job? What can you bring to the table that they need and vice versa? You may find that your marketing dollars go further and that you are able to reach customers that may have not been familiar with you before.

Figure out what your attendees need

The Westin Cincinnati knows that their customers need a robust amount of business services, especially in a world where the lines between business and leisure have become blurred. So it only made sense that they looked to create strong bonds with businesses that could help their customers achieve what they needed to get done while away from the office.

Make a list of what your attendees will need to do while at your meeting, and then reach out to the businesses that will help them get it all done. If your meeting is in a different city than you are located, this can seem daunting, since it’s difficult to know if a local business can really fulfill the needs of your attendees. And that it is where organizations like the Cincinnati USA CVB can really come in handy. One of our favorite tasks is finding the local businesses that can help your meeting be more effective and fun. So the next time you are in Cincinnati, partner with us so that we can all do what we love.

How have you used partnerships in your meetings? Have they helped your attendees?