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Cincinnati Museum Center

Networking with a Scavenger Hunt


Every event organizer is faced with one big question: How do I get attendees to network with each other in a fun way?

Every event organizer is faced with one big question: How do I get attendees to network with each other in a fun way? The Cincinnati Museum Center has come up with an answer.

The Museum Center always has a scavenger hunt set up to help their daily visitors interact with the exhibits on a deeper level. But the staff found that it also helped event attendees interact with each other. They have been creating scavenger hunts for planners ever since, whether it is using the existing scavenger hunt or creating a new one based on the needs of the event.

So what are some things you should consider when creating your very own scavenger hunt?

There are different types of scavenger hunts.
All scavenger hunts require you to find items, but what your attendees do after that is completely up to you. They can be asked to count how many of a certain item they can find or what the name of a specific item is. This is a more traditional route and makes sure that everyone can take part.

Another route is to have a photo scavenger hunt. You can ask your attendees to take pictures in certain locations and/or with specific items. They can then submit the picture via text or social media (i.e. post it to the event Facebook wall or to Twitter with a hashtag). In this case, not all attendees may be able to participate because of a lack of a smartphone or a social media account. But this can provide content that can be used to promote future events and reach your attendees’ networks.

Be sure to team up people for optimal networking.
If attendees are left to themselves to team up, there is a good chance that cliques will form and some will get left out. Why not team everyone up before the event starts? You can form teams based on being from different regions, industries or business interests. Just look for that common thread that may lend to people not knowing each other.

And you can even take this a step further. Team rivalries can be fostered by making sure that each team is clearly identified. You can ask your attendees to wear a certain color to the networking event or add something to their badge to identify each team. Just be sure that if you want them to wear that specific color to make them aware of that fact before the event and not during.

Have you ever set up a scavenger hunt for your event? What are your tips for making it successful?