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Hyatt Regency Cincinnati

Make Your Meeting Simple


How are you making your meetings simple? Here are a couple of ways to help you and your attendees have an easier meeting. 

Simplicity. It’s something everyone strives for. Why make something difficult when it can be simple? Really, it’s a no-brainer.

That’s why it’s not surprising that this is a concept that is becoming more and more prominent in the tourism industry. As we talk to our partners, they are increasingly telling us about what they are doing to make it easier for the traveller. For example, both the Hilton Netherland Plaza and the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati have talked about what they are subtracting from their rooms to make staying at either hotel a better experience. Gone are the days of the extraneous pillows and other bedding that just ends up splayed on your hotel floor. Instead, local Cincinnati hotel rooms are being decked out in sleeker bedding that all serves a purpose.

This got us thinking about how we could extend this idea to the meetings industry to make it simpler for both the planner and the attendees.

Shorter Emails

When a meeting is coming up, it is hard to resist that urge to create that long email that is simply a brain dump of everything that an attendee could possibly ask. Don’t do it. Long emails are rarely read, and attendees will be asking you those questions anyways.

Instead, think of how you can answer those questions earlier. Start providing emails well in advance of the event. Make each one full of short bursts of information. There can then be a give and take between you and the attendees, which will mean that more clarifications and questions can be covered. And then, when you get to just before the event, you can then provide an index to reinforce the information you have already provided. And during that crunch time, having this one item off your plate really is a lifesaver.

Provide a Quiet Room

Your attendees are likely suffering from one of two problems: They still have to get office work done or they are suffering from information overload from all of the amazing information you are providing. Why not provide a place to work through both problems?

The perfect quiet room would have softer light than a traditional conference space and have ample plug-in places for laptops and other devices. A lack of noise would be encouraged to help those that need to quiet their minds and work through whatever issues they are having at the moment.

Another perk of the space is that this could easily be translated into a sponsorable product, which will then not only make your conference look innovative, but also the sponsoring company. And all in all, your attendees will be grateful for those moments of quiet that they can experience during a hectic and informational conference.

How are you using the idea of simplicity at your events?