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How to use Instagram at your event


 Take your Instagram presence to the next level with these tips.

In the realm of visual storytelling, there is no network that does it better than Instagram. If used properly, it can be an extremely effective tool in sharing your event’s story and getting your attendees involved as well.

However, adding another network to the list of places you should be seems daunting. And when it comes to its newness, it’s easy to question whether your attendees are actually there. Well, with 150 million users and astronomical growth, it’s a safe bet to say that if your attendees are not there, they will be soon. And in the end, it can be the least time consuming network to be on.

So how do you get there?


When you set up your Instagram account, the bio section is the only place that your urls can easily be clicked on. That is why it is imperative to have a link to your event website in your bio. Although it may be tempting to include other various important urls, keep it to just the one to avoid confusion on which link to click on.

You will also want to include your event’s hashtag in the bio. It should be the same as your event’s Twitter hashtag to keep everything consistent and easy to remember. You may also want to include a sentence such as, “Tag your pics with #cincyusa so we can share!” This will get your attendees involved with talking about the event and will provide additional content for you.

Repost Fan Content

To take pressure off of the constant need for content on another network, use a repost app such as Instarepost. In the case of Instarepost, you can pay a minimal fee and have a great looking repost on Instagram without an additional logo.

When reposting, be sure to ask the person that provided the photo if it is okay. Do this even if you include that putting the hashtag on their photo gives you permission to do so. This will alert the poster that you will be using their photo, and it ensures that you truly do have permission.


With the addition of video on the network, Instagram is now giving you the opportunity to easily show and tell your message. And it also allows you to upload past video that has been recorded. You can use this to show what has happened at past events and what is going on behind-the-scenes for this year’s event.

Another great use is to put out an ask to attendees for videos as to why they are going. This will allow for great testimonials that can easily be shared to multiple networks. And with the short length, it is manageable for potential attendees to hear in a quick manner.


Hashtags are everything on Instagram. If you want your photos to have a broader audience, you need to use them liberally. Use your hashtag and then use more general ones that could reach potential attendees. For example, if you are a conference focused on fashion, you can tag #fashion, #style, #instafashion, etc. And let’s say that you are posting a picture of a dress from a sponsor at the conference. Then including a more descriptive hashtag, such as #dress.

Although hashtags are fantastic for getting your photos found by potential attendees, it is important to also be concerned about the readability of your caption. Keep your caption hashtag-free and then comment with all of the appropriate tags for that particular picture.

How are you using Instagram at your event? Are your attendees helping you with content?