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How to Save Money When Planning Your Next Event


 Look like a hero by using these tips when planning your next event.

Although many budgets are expanding, it’s still the responsibility of a meeting planner to get the most bang for their company or association’s buck. By keeping costs low, you can make the event more affordable for attendees or your company will make a bigger profit from the event. Both are fantastic outcomes that will make you look like a star!

But sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to cut costs without affecting the quality of the meeting. Here are three ways we’ve helped Cincinnati meetings save money:

Let a room stand on its own

Want a really fast way to cut your decor budget down? Pick a room that is dazzling on its own. One great example of that is the Renaissance Cincinnati Downtown Hotel. In this building from famed architect Daniel Burnham, the beautifully ornate ballrooms do not need any kind of ornamentation to make a perfect impression on attendees. So there is need to spend time and money on transforming a room into what you need. It’s already done.

Find free entertainment

If there is already a party going on, make it a part of your event! For example, Fountain Square has regular entertainment, including bands and DJs, that are guaranteed to get your attendees grooving and moving. So instead of trying to create your own entertainment, look into free options, such as our Fountain Square, that your event can partner with. You’ll be guaranteed great music at little-to-no cost.

Get an extra set of free hands

There are very few meeting planners that have plenty of help to get everything done. So wouldn’t be great to have more help at no cost? Our CVB can help you in many ways, including finding the right venue and dates for your event, at no cost. A CVB's secret weapon: a marketing team. Get expert advice on how to attract attendees and get the word out about your event at no charge.

These are just a few of the ways that we have helped events save money. What have you done to save your own event money?