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Cincinnati Zoo Base Camp Cafe

How to Eat Green at Your Next Meeting


 Learn how to make your catering green from the greenest restaurant in America. 

This month, the Cincinnati Zoo received a unique distinction: The zoo’s Base Camp Cafe not only received four stars from the Green Restaurant Association, but it received more points than any other restaurant, making it the greenest restaurant in America.

Could there be a better place to help you achieve your most environmentally-friendBase Camp Cafe Photo Credit: Cincinnati Zooly meeting yet? We think not.

To celebrate this achievement, we asked the Cincinnati Zoo to share their tips on how to green up the catering for your next meeting:

  • Serve local food: By investing in local food, you are reducing the fuel it takes to transport food to the meeting. And local food will tend to be fresher and in season, which means that it just tastes better.

  • Avoid box lunches: With all of the packaging associated with box lunches, there is a lot of waste. Look for alternatives with little to no packaging.

  • Use bulk water: Instead of handing out bottled water, ask attendees to bring their own bottles and provide water via water coolers or other similar devices.

  • Avoid using disposable products: Obviously, it is best to not use disposable items at your meeting. But if you do have to use disposable products, be sure that they are made from compostable plant material.

  • Strive for a zero landfill waste event: At the Cincinnati Zoo, they are at near-zero landfill waste for all events by making sure that everything gets either composted or recycled.

As you can see, just a few simple changes can reduce your impact on the environment. Plus, it will likely make the food for your meeting even better. So going green means investing in the environment and your attendees’ stomachs!

What are you doing to make your catering greener? Has it improved your meeting?

Photos: Cincinnati Zoo Blog