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American Sign Museum

Host a Unique Meeting


 Take a few tips from the American Sign Museum on how to make your event unique.

A huge trend in event planning right now is holding the event at a unique venue, and Cincinnati is full of cool venues that fit that bill. But when we really think of what “unique” really means, we can’t help but think of the American Sign Museum. With its quirkiness, you will definitely not find another venue quite like it.

And there are a few things you can take away from this venue to make your event truly unique in every sense of the word:


The lighting in the American Sign Museum is meant to draw attention. We are talking about signs after all. It’s playful and really sets the tone for a fun and creative event.

For your event, don’t just rely on the lighting your venue provides. What are the goals of your event? Are you trying to get impress? Are you trying to inspire? Lighting plays a huge role in achieving any event goal, so work with a lighting specialist to make sure that right tone is hit.


When I turned a corner in the American Sign Museum, I had to stop. There, in all its glory, was a Howard Johnson’s sign. Immediately, I was transported to being five and immediately felt the excitement of a family dinner at Howard Johnson’s. For others, the sight of Frisch’s Big Boy does the exact same thing. But no matter the age, the museum really brings up those joyful feelings of childhood.

Can you achieve this at your event? From decor to food, figure out how you can hit the nostalgic feelings of all generations attending. Bonding over what your childhood favorites were is the ultimate icebreaker.


Having a large meeting room with easy outdoor exits gives an extra level of flexibility to hosting an event at the American Sign Museum. Want to host food trucks for a unique lunch offering? Done. Your imagination is the only limitation at this venue.

Look for where a venue could be flexible and give another layer to your event. And then use that flexibility to add something to surprise and delight your attendees. Whether it’s food trucks or even scavenger hunts, make sure that what you do keeps your attendees moving and engaged.

How are you using unique venues for your meetings? What are some of your favorites?