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Sponsors love to impress with food.

Help your sponsors be rockstars


 Give your sponsors the tools to dazzle your attendees.

There is one thing that all attendees remember about an event. It’s not the terrific speakers or the great networking. It’s the food.

And it’s no different for your sponsors, who are likely planning on taking potential customers out for meals throughout the conference. One bad meal could sour a potential relationship, which leads to many sponsors playing it safe at chain restaurants. But that contradicts many attendees’ desires to get out and explore the city they are in.

Luckily, you can help your sponsors get to the best food in town and give your attendees an adventure.

Work with the convention & visitors bureau

At the Cincinnati USA CVB, we love food. Like a lot. We’ve made it our business to eat everywhere in Cincinnati, from the well-known to the just-opened establishments. We can give you an honest opinion on all of our great local restaurants, because we’ve been there. Lean on our expertise, and get a list of restaurants perfectly tailored to your event. From location to tastes, we can help you figure out the best places to go.

Yes, it helps to ask just before the event, and then pass out the information at the event. But why wait? Many sponsors are making appointments well in advance of the event, and some are even making reservations for larger groups. They need that information early to make their own plans. Make sure to give it to them at least a month in advance and then have that same information available at the event as well.

Coordinate with local activities

Right now, we are in the middle of Downtown Restaurant Week. It’s as delicious as it sounds. Many of our local favorites have deals, such as individual three course meals or two dinners for $35. In addition, many restaurants are taking this opportunity to introduce new dishes to customers. An event like this is a great opportunity for sponsors and attendees alike. Sponsors are able to stretch their dollar, and attendees can have an experience they will likely not have again.

Once again, well in advance of the event, ask the local CVB what events are going on, and then include that information with the restaurant recommendations. Having this information will not only allow for them to plan great nights out in conjunction with your event, but they will then be a great resource for attendees looking to have a little fun while in town. And that will make them rockstars.

How are you preparing sponsors for an event?

Photo courtesy of Zula.