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University of Cincinnati Meeting

Go Back to School for Your Meeting


Hosting your event at a college campus brings a lot of benefits. Here are just a few.

It’s hard not to be proud to be home to the University of Cincinnati. From the beauty of the campus to the amazing academics to the prolific tweeting President Santa Ono, there is a lot going on at the "Hottest College in America."

And in addition to all of this, it’s a tremendous place to hold a meeting. The different spaces are great for large and small events, and they can easily accommodate most needs.

But why should you choose to hold your event on a college campus?

The Views

A college campus tends to be maintained meticulously, and the University of Cincinnati is no different. With landscaping beyond compare, you can be guaranteed that your guests will be greeted with beauty. And to have your meeting overlooking idyllic college scenes will get your attendees in the mindset to learn and solve the issues that are facing them.

But the University of Cincinnati takes it even a step further. Their largest space actually overlooks the football stadium. It gives a gorgeous backdrop to any event, especially if your attendees have Bearcat pride!

The Academics

Is there a better place to have your meeting than where world-class research is taking place? Especially when that research in your field? Right away, you have a pool of great speakers from local professors. They can inform those dealing with problems in the practical sense with what they have found through research. And their students? Don’t forget that these students are the future of your industry. Not only can you connect them with their future employers, but you can also hook them on the importance of your event now.

The Fun

Let’s be honest: College was fun for many of us. Being around those that are currently experiencing what we treasured so much can be invigorating.

The University of Cincinnati makes it possible to even relive some of those memories. In the same building as their meeting rooms, you can also reserve Catskellar, an upscale bar with pool tables and corn hole. But unlike what most people experienced in college, Catskellar has an extensive beer menu that will make even the pickiest person happy.

Have you hosted an event on a college campus?