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Cincinnati State Midwest Culinary Institute

Get Your Event Cooking!


Try adding a little heat and spice to your next event by cooking.

Nontraditional locations are all the rage in event planning right now. But even when a nontraditional location is chosen, it still seems like the same old event is being stuffed into a different space. It’s time to change that.

Are you looking to promote more teamwork and creative thinking among your attendees? Having your event in a space with commercial kitchens and letting your attendees cook could be the answer then. And it’s a lot easier to do than you think!

Host it at a culinary school

Cincinnati is lucky to be home to the Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State. That means there is a large rooms for cooking demonstrations, many kitchens suited for small groups to cook in, chefs experienced in teaching and students that will happily assist. So no matter how you want to incorporate cooking into your event, it can happen.

Cincinnati State Midwest Culinary Institute KitchenMake it competitive

Cooking shows like “Iron Chef” and “Top Chef” have made cooking competitions very popular. You can give your attendees a secret ingredient and let teams loose to create a whole meal. Or you can assign each team a particular course and pit the courses against each other. It can add a bit of lightness and fun to your event.

Let your attendees mingle

In the case of Cincinnati State, you can go from kitchen to kitchen to sample all of the great food created by your attendees. This means that instead of trying to navigate a big room, your attendees have smaller rooms where they will be having the same experience. This becomes a great way to meaningful way to connect with a smaller number of people at a time and can be more manageable for introverts.

Make it formal

Cincinnati State also is home to a wonderful restaurant that can be rented out for your event for a sit-down meal. Seeing the food that they cooked being served formally can become a point of pride for your attendees. And you can be assured that they will happily take picture after picture of their creations while bragging about how much fun they had your event.