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Christian Moerlein Lager House Cincinnati

Get Crafty with Craft Beer at Your Event


Take advantage of the craft beer trend to add fun experiences to your next meeting!

In recent years, craft beer has exploded. Where it was once okay to stock your event’s bar with national brands, attendees are now looking to get a taste of the local brews more than ever before.

Although any good catering manager can be your guide to the local brews, did you know that craft beer can be an experience in and of itself? The best local breweries don’t want you to just taste their brews. They want you to be immersed in what they’ve created and understand what goes into each handcrafted beer.

Just take, for example, these experiences that can easily become a part of any meeting:

Craft Beer Tour

Why limit your attendees to one or two brews at a networking event? Take them out and about in the city to actually talk to the brewers and discover the history that makes each beer special. One thing you will find is that each of these local brews has a story that is both inspiring and profoundly interesting. And knowing that story makes you appreciate each taste that much more. So connecting your attendees to these stories can also mean connecting them to their new favorite beers. That is something they will never forget.

In Cincinnati, Craft Connection Brewery Tours or Cincy Brew Bus can connect you with pre-designed tours or customize one to suit your attendees. And you can be assured that you will be shown the best of Cincinnati brewing, as well as the best stories from Cincinnati’s rich beer history.

Food-Beer Pairing

Sure, we hear about people pairing the perfect wine with food all of the time. But did you know you can do that with beer too? In fact, in most cases, the local food has inspired the brew itself and the beer is best enjoyed with it.

That is why one of our oldest breweries (and local favorite), Christian Moerlein, opened the Moerlein Lager House. This restaurant can easily help you pair their beers with the food that inspired them to make for a one-of-a-kind experience. And everything your attendees eat and drink will taste that much better because they are meant to go together.

Brewery event space

Or why not hold your entire event in a brewery? These brewers are super passionate about what they create, and your attendees can very easily benefit from having a meeting in a location where passion and creativity thrives. Ideas are more likely to flow with reckless abandon and that means more problems can be solved at your meeting.

And let’s be honest, many breweries are absolutely gorgeous and reflect the richness of the brews they produce. From Christian Moerlein to Rhinegeist Brewery, there are many breweries in Cincinnati that can help your attendees unleash their own passions so your event can achieve its primary goals.

Have you added craft brews to your event?