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Fresh from the Truck


Keep up with new trends in the industry by offering the latest craze in catering. Many meeting planners are jumping on board the food truck trend. 

Providing food trucks at your next event is a sure-fire way to satisfy your guests’ palates and leave them entertained. Food trucks are known for local flair and gourmet innovation – two concepts attendees spark to. Serving hot, fresh, high-quality food at affordable prices, what is not to love about these meals on wheels?

In the world of event planning a lot needs to be organized, arranged and accomplished in a short amount of time, so contracting with multiple food trucks may sound like a daunting task. For your next event, look for a “middle-man” to minimize your work load by helping with the food portion.

Some cities are creating food truck associations, which are highly beneficial to meeting planners. In order to save you time and research, the association contacts all the member trucks for you. Cincinnati Food Truck Association for example, created in January 2013, has already acquired 20 members.

Tips from the Cincinnati Food Truck Association’s Elizabeth Romero:

  • Request 10-15% of sales: If your attendees are paying their own way, you can request a percentage of sales. The more money the trucks make, the more money you make!
  • Double check your menus: If there are going to be similar items sold at the meeting for cheaper prices, the truck will not get much business
  • Work out a voucher program: If the meal is included in the meeting costs, work with the Food Truck Association for a prix fixe menu at different trucks to give attendees their choice. A voucher, ticket or coin can be developed to help spread the costs to the appropriate trucks after the event.
  • Book trucks listed in Food Truck Associations: Trucks in associations are registered and required to have all health and legal qualifications necessary upon membership.
  • Follow/like on social media platforms: Most food trucks and associations like Cincinnati’s Café De Wheels and Cincinnati Food Truck Association update their location and latest information via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Explore and Promote: Even if the food trucks aren’t incorporated officially into your meeting, attendees may appreciate knowing where to find them for open lunches or dinners when they are out exploring. Find the typical food truck hangouts in the host city and share those spots. In Cincinnati, check out Washington Park near Music Hall and Fountain Square.
  • Enjoy: Remember to enjoy the food, the company, the fun!

Have you utilized food trucks in your event/meeting? What was your experience like?