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Four Trends in Hotel and Meeting Space Design


Meetings don’t look like what they did a few years ago, and neither does the space where groups are gathering.

Meetings in the 21st century don’t look like what they did a few years ago, and neither does meeting space where groups are gathering. There are big changes in the evolution of the traditional meeting space with new developments in everything from technology and design to décor and amenities.

Here are some of the most important trends that we learned from Kelli Schaffran, Director of Design at K2M Design – the firm responsible for the remarkable renovation of the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati.

1. Flexible Space
Hyatt REgency CininnatiSpaces should be flexible to promote collaborative work. Flexibility of space also allows meeting planners to choose the space that best fits their specific meeting needs. The Hyatt Library, at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati is a casual, communal setting that is conductive for a variety of groups.

Martiz Research's "The Future of Meetings" white paper says: “provide more casual quiet spaces for less formal interaction than meeting rooms. Places where people can “do stuff: as they talk and meet, as they do in their own homes.”

2. Catering for female travelers
An important trend in hotel design and marketing is catering to the needs of female travelers. The Hyatt Regency is one of properties leading the way, with increased corridor lighting for safety and a “soft approach” to furnishings with natural materials designed to appeal to female travelers. A lot of the hotel’s dining options – including healthier, lighter meals – are designed to appeal to women. The Market, located inside the hotel, offers quick and healthy food, which is perfect for busy meeting attendees

3. Advances in technology, ecofriendly policies, décor and architectural elements in new design
The ever-growing importance of technology, as well as the increasing awareness of ecofriendly practices, are just two of the issues that influence modern meeting space design. Developers are even using psychology and research to create the best ambiance, using décor and design elements that create the best results. At the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati all meeting spaces offer individualized controls for lighting, sound, music, heating and air condition which furthers the integration of technology into design. While many technology devices and services are important to the meeting, making meetings “green” has become an important issue for planners and groups.

4. Natural Light
Cincinnati’s newest hotel meeting spaces use a lot of natural light. Not only does natural light reduce the amount of energy every needed, but science shows that it boosts health and decreases anxiety. What a great plus for a meeting planner.

How hotels are dealing with trends in meeting space design
Hotels are at the forefront when it comes to implementing new design elements that aim to improve the experience for planners and attendees. Both full-service and limited-service hotels, as well as big brands and independent, boutique-style properties each have their own unique approach. As a brand, Hyatt Regency Cincinnati emphasizes the importance of creative solutions to create inspiring settings through the hotel. One such detail is the massive atrium at the front of the hotel as it acts not only as an interior and exterior focal point, but also as a central hub to which all other spaces connect.