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Dos & Don’ts of Facebook Groups for Events


Create a Facebook group that will become a vital piece of your event.

Facebook groups are a great tool to have in your event toolbox. You can group all of the attendees of an event together, so everyone can interact with each other. Members of the group get notifications every time someone posts in the group. And it’s a great addition for attendees that are not comfortable with other networks such as Twitter, but still want that on-demand information.

Yet, many Facebook groups do not thrive and do not complement the event they are meant to support. Here are the dos and don’ts of Facebook groups to make sure your event’s Facebook group does not fall into that trap:

  • Do have a fan page: The Facebook group is for those that have already registered for the event. Attract new attendees with an active fan page.

  • Don’t set the privacy setting to open: You want the privacy setting to be closed, so that attendees can find the group and yet, their posts will still remain private within the group. Think of the Facebook group as another perk of attending.

  • Do have registration information in your description: Every time someone joins the group, a notice goes out in their friends’ news feeds. Make sure that anyone that clicks on that post can easily get more information about your event.

  • Don’t add members on your own: Everyone is different about what they like to do with their social network profiles, so don’t force anyone into the group. Instead, publicize it through other channels of communication, and let attendees find their own way to it.

  • Do welcome members to the group: When someone joins, take that extra second to make an introduction to the rest of the group. It will make the person feel special and add valuable networking opportunities.

  • Don’t be afraid to go off-script: Instead of only talking about the event, ask your group members open-ended questions. Questions, such as, “Why do you love your job?” or “What was your college major?” provide an opportunity for group members to connect over more than the fact that they will be at the same event together.

  • Do give group attendees marketing information about the event: Members of the group are already registered and are, therefore, already fans. Be sure to arm them with information they can use to recruit others.

  • Don’t be a weak moderator: Not everyone is socially savvy. If something is going on within the group that hurts the integrity of the event or the group itself, do not be afraid to say something to any individuals involved. But do it privately.

  • Do encourage informal meet-ups: This would be a great place to post a list of great places to get work done or have coffee, etc. And then let the informal meetings happen. If you need help creating lists like that, the Cincinnati USA CVB is always happy to come up with our favorite places around the city for your attendees to do what they need to get done.

  • Don’t post all of your pictures and videos on the fan page during the event: Include a few fun ones in the group, so that the attendees can have some chuckles about the inevitable inside jokes that have developed.

  • Do post important announcements: Sometimes people miss an email before the event or they miss a session during the event. Make sure everyone is on board with what is going on with a reinforcement post within the group.

  • Don’t let the group die after the event: All of the people within the group are potential attendees for your next event. Keep them together and keep them engaged by posting interesting articles and other information after the event is over.

  • Do post speaker slide decks in the group: Even better yet, encourage your speakers to be a part of the group and have them post their own slides. It gets that information to your attendees that much quicker.

  • Don’t forget about the next event: As soon as you have any information regarding the next event, be sure to post it so your attendees can plan to be there.

How do you use Facebook groups for your event?