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Curate Content to Market Your Meeting


Position yourself as a leader in your industry and get more registrations for your meeting by curating content. 

One of the best ways to attract attendees to your meeting is by showing that you are the leader in the industry. Fortunately, you have lots of resources at your fingertips to position yourself as an industry leader online.

Curating content means collecting blog posts, tweets and other similar resources to share with your fans and followers. You provide your audience a valuable service by cutting through the information overload and giving them the very best information. Being such a great resrouce will attract fans and followers who will then be more attracted to your meeting when registration starts. Starting a content campaign early, before you even need the registrations, will maximize your results and make the campaign even more successful.

How do you start a successful content campaign?

  1. Set a goal. Having a goal to refer to will help you define what it is you are trying to achieve and how you should measure to see if it is successful. If your overall goal is to increase registration and you are starting the campaign before registration opens, you may want to set a smaller goal at first, such as increase engagement or create relationships with the influencers in your industry.

  2. Know the difference between good and bad content. The key to a successful content campaign is your ability to be able to cut through the information overload with the absolute best content. This means that you have to be on top of the best practices of your industry. But you should also be concerned with the readability of any content. Tiny font, lack of pictures, overly long paragraphs and hard to read colors should be avoided in the content you choose to share. If you are having trouble to read it, your audience will as well. And making a habit of sharing content that is hard to read means that your audience will make a habit of not clicking on your curated content.

  3. Follow hashtags. Just about every industry has a hashtag on Twitter. Many have multiple hashtags. Research what those are and create search columns on your Twitter client of choice to keep up with what people are sharing. You will likely find a wealth of information that you can also share.

  4. Make a list of influential people. As you are following those hashtags, you will likely notice that there are some people that get their content shared more often and/or receive more engagement. These are likely the people in your industry that you will want to create relationships with to amplify your own content. Put these people in a Twitter list and keep the list in your Twitter client. This will likely provide another wealth of content, and by sharing from these folks, you are starting a relationship that can likely help you when you need it.

  5. Use via instead of retweet. People are more likely to scan rather than read on Twitter. So when sharing, make sure the first few words are about what you are sharing and not who you are sharing from. Instead of retweeting, put the title of the article or a key quote from the article, the link and then “via @username” to properly attribute your source. It will get you a greater number of clicks and increase the likelihood that your tweet will be shared by others.

How are you curating content to market your meeting? What have been your best resources?

(Image via Robert S. Donovan)