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21c Art With Meetings

Create Meetings with Art


Having your meeting at a location like 21c Museum Hotel can provide unexpected benefits. Here are just a few.

Recently, 21c Museum Hotel in Cincinnatiwas named the number one hotel in the United States, according to Conde Nast readers. This hotel marries an art museum and a hotel in a way that is obviously delighting its guests and keeping them coming back.

Did you know that that 21c Museum Hotel's commitment to art can actually bring something to your meeting? It can actually make the meeting better and more useful. Yes, art is much more than just something beautiful to look at.

So how will art make your meeting more effective?

Art creates networking opportunities

Something that many people have trouble with at meetings is finding a way to connect with those around them. But art can help that.

Art is created to make people have a reaction to it. This reaction can be a starting point for conversations, which can start relationships that produce business for your attendees. Common ground is sometimes hard to achieve between attendees, and the simple addition of interesting pieces of art can be the start of achieving that.

Art can help the learning process

There is a reason art has been deemed important in education: It helps students’ brains create connections that make learning an easier process. These concepts are then applied in a more creative fashion by these students.

In many ways, it can be helpful to treat your education programs in the same way. Having your program take place where art is surrounding your attendees makes it more likely that anything learned from seminars will stick with them. And then, they are also more likely to take what they’ve learned back to their office and apply them to their own business’s problems. Not only will they come back since you have helped solve a problem, but they will recommend your conference to others.

Art can achieve results

Much in the same way that it can drive the learning process, art can drive your attendees to think more creatively. By pushing them out of their comfort zone and get them around the unexpected, their brains are also pushed to function in a different way. That means that if your meeting is designed to solve a problem, you will get new and exciting answers to that problem, which, in turn, means that the problem will be likely to get solved. And is there anything better than accomplishing the ultimate goal of your meeting?

Are you using art in your meeting? How has it affected the meeting and your attendees?