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Create Effective Event Videos


Increase registrations for your next event by using video marketing. 

If there is one thing 2014 can be called, it is the year of video. With an increase of easy-to-use video editing tools built right into social networks, people and organizations have been creating online video at an unprecedented rate.

What does that mean for 2015? It will be the year of better and more effective video. And your event needs to be ready to keep up or you will likely be left in the dust.

Wondering where to start? We believe the best place is remembering these three points:

Great Video is Not Free

Like we said, there is a lot of video out there, and chances are that there is a bit about your event. It can be tempting to pick the amateur footage over paying a professional to capture your event. You might even get a good product out of it. But “might” is the key word here.

It will take a lot of time to go through that footage, since it takes more time than the written word or images to look at. And we all know, time is money. You also become dependent on others to capture those moments that are critical to the story of your event. And with so much shaky camera work and bad audio, you likely will not be able to tell that story at its best.

That does not mean that the amateur work cannot be a part of a professional’s work. The greatest video are a combination of amateur and professional. You have those critical moments shown off at their best with the professional work and you give your attendees a carrot to share the video by using pieces of their footage. That is when you have video gold.

Video is a Part of Learning

Most event videos are set into a few categories: general information about the conference and surrounding area, invitations from speakers and a recap of the event. While those can work well, a great conference will see video as another opportunity to entice attendees to register for the conference by giving them a piece of what they can expect to learn.

Take blogging, for example. When all event blogs did was talk about the event itself, those blogs failed. But when those blogs became a part of the learning process and had guest blogs from speakers or gave more information on upcoming conference topics, they were consistently more effective and successful.

That is the next step for event video: Quick lessons on topics related to the conference from speakers that will get any potential attendees excited. Just be careful not to turn it into a podcast. Make sure you have visuals that will make your audience want to watch, not just listen. And keep it short. Under two minutes is usually the optimal length for this kind of video.

Do More Than Just Post a Video

Creating a fantastic video is no longer enough. If it does not get views and registrations, your fantastic video didn't get the job done. Be sure to provide an adequate title and description that will entice your audience to press play. Include keywords that your potential attendees would look for when trying to find an event like yours. And make sure your call-to-action is not only in the video but also the description.

But that is not even enough anymore. Talk to your biggest supporters. Your board members, staff and most loyal attendees sharing a video can get the ball rolling on organic views and connect you better to networks where your potential attendees are.

Then you will have to face that you will have to spend money again. You can only get so far by depending on your and your attendees’ audiences. There is likely a whole pool of people that you will not reach that way. Social media ads can be used to reach that pool, if you target them correctly. Make sure that your video ad is targeted to the interests of those that will want to watch it and then register.

What has been your favorite event video?

Photo credit: kaitlyn10796