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Great American Ball Park

Bring More to Your Unique Venue


Make your unique venue even more unforgettable by using it in unexpected ways.

You’ve nabbed the unique venue for your event, and there is just this sigh of relief. You feel confident that this will easily be an event to remember. But don’t feel relieved yet! Although a memorable venue will get you halfway there, make sure the actual event lives up to the venue that you are using.

To get ideas on how to take your venue even further, we talked to the event staff at the Great American Ball Park, home to the playoff-bound Cincinnati Reds.

This beautiful ballpark is a sight to behold in and of itself. To any first-timer, stepping on these grounds is an overwhelming experience. The colors are all brighter, and you are hit with an overwhelming sense of history. Any attendee would immediately know that they were in for an amazing experience, and for this event staff, that means the stakes are higher.

Different uses for known objects

As we stepped onto the field itself, one of the event staff said, “We just had a conference here where they gave the presentation from the top of the dugout and the scoreboard showed the Powerpoint.” Looking around at the bright red seats, you could instantly see people on the edge of their seat, whether at a ballgame or watching a presentation.

Don’t be stuck looking at your venue in the same way as everyone else. Look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. How can the venue help a presentation make attendees wonder what will come next? How can that venue keep everyone glued to what is going on? Using the amenities your venue already has can be cost-efficient, but don’t get stuck in what they are currently used for. Change it up and make it unique to your event to keep your attendees on the edge of their seat.

Pick an equally fun theme

When you think ballpark, there is almost an expectation that you will have a baseball-themed event. And that is why it was surprising to hear about the theme of one the Great American Ballpark’s recent events: Irish. From a Young Dubliners concert to Irish-themed fireworks, this event with the Fraternal Order of Police brought the green.

If your nontraditional venue has an expected theme, go the other way. Forget expectations, and think of how to bring the history of who you and your attendees are to the venue. Putting your stamp on a unique venue will elevate the whole event and make sure that it’s not just the venue that is exciting.

Bring the city to your event

And don’t forget about the city your event is in. It’s not unusual to hear many attendees and event planners lament that they did not experience the city that they were in. Be sure to bring the history and what people love about the particular city you are in to the actual event, instead of just hoping that they get out to the city after the event is over.

In the case of the Great American Ball Park, they are known for bringing Cincinnati food to your event. Once again, it would be easy to focus on the ballgame staples. But wouldn’t it be fun to find three-way chili, UDF and Cincinnati brews instead? Bringing products that scream Cincinnati pride will make sure that your attendees experience our fair city and leave them trying to guess what comes next. Two wins that you can definitely be proud of as an event planner.

What have you done at a unique venue to keep your attendees guessing?