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The Cincinnatian Hotel

Bring Customer Service Back to Your Event


 Go from doing just the minimum for your attendees and surprise them with excellent customer service. 

In a world where customer service is crumbling around us, even a minimal effort is appreciated. But we can all do better. We can all provide a customer service experience is that unforgettable and will leave your attendees talking about how much better your event is than all of the others.

Where do you start crafting your customer service strategy? With the host hotel, of course! In Cincinnati, we are lucky to have many hotels that are always striving to provide the very best customer service possible.

An example of that commitment to customer service comes from Cincinnati's original hotel,
The Cincinnatian Hotel , which opened in 1882. And surprisingly, the hotel still provides some of the same services from that time.

What does The Cincinnatian do that is so special?

Fresh-Baked Cookie Bedside

That first impression sets the tone. That is why guests will always find a cookie by their bed when they stay at The Cincinnatian Hotel. It’s a small gesture, and yet it makes all the difference.

When selecting a hotel, look for one that goes that extra mile to welcome your attendees. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It just has to say that your attendees are appreciated.

Shined Shoes

If you leave your shoes in the hall at The Cincinnatian Hotel, you will have shined shoes by morning. This premium service is offered at no cost and seems to almost come from another time.

Take a tip from this and look for an unexpected premium service that your host hotel can provide your attendees. It just has to be simple and make your attendees feel like the special guests they most certainly are.

Free WiFi

Having easy, relaiable internet access is important to today's attendees. It is responsive to the 21st-century needs of its attendees and makes those needs a priority.

Free WiFi for your attendees is now expected. Make it easier by selecting a hotel that provides this. But if that is not possible, find a sponsor. That sponsor will be the hero of the event.

The London Taxi

The Cincinnatian Hotel has an authentic London taxi that can take guests around town for anything from errands to sightseeing. It’s been known to make guests smile from it’s unique nature. And yes, it’s free.

Look for that one experience that your hotel can provide attendees that will surprise and delight them. With that free WiFi you have provided, you will immediately see pictures of smiling attendees that will make all those that did not attend jealous. And then you will have lots of people that won’t make that mistake the next year.

What unforgettable customer service experiences have you had with a hotel?