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Cincinnati Ballet

Bring Attendees' Dreams to Life


Have you ever made your meeting more exciting by making your attendees' dreams come true? We have a few ideas of how you can do just that.

A few steps in, your attendees look tentatively around them, not knowing quite what to think. And then after a look around, embarrassed smiles appear and giggles escape. And before they know it, they find themselves in the full throes of joy and jubilation. That’s when you know your plans are successful.

So how do you plan for this joy and those giggles? The best place to start is to figure out their dreams that they have yet to live out. And even better than that is to figure out those dreams that they have held since childhood and are almost too embarrassed to admit.

Two of our favorite childhood dreams? Definitely ballet and baseball.

Be a Ballerina

Ask young children what they want to be when they grow up, and you will definitely find yourself in the midst of many future ballerinas. At some point, that dream dies away as reality sets in, but still, deep down in their hearts, some cherish that dream of jumping and dancing around a stage.

Why deprive of them of the chance to live that dream? Have your conference in a location with a professional company and your attendees can find themselves back to their young selves with their dream of dance more alive than ever. The Cincinnati Ballet, for example, have professional dancers that are more than happy to teach a class to your attendees. And there is just something wonderful about being taught from a real, live ballerina. Someone that was able to make the dream come true is particularly special. Your attendees’ ears will listen just a little bit better and their feet just be a bit quicker, as they dance toe to toe with their dream personified. And at the Cincinnati Ballet's facilities, groups can watch practice and go backstage to learn how the beautiful costumes are designed and made.

Be a Ballplayer

Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & MuseumEveryone has entertained the idea of playing a sport professionally. It doesn’t matter the sport. Just the idea of playing is enough to delight. And for many, just being able to be close to the sport is a thrill they would love to experience.

This is why it is tremendous to have a meeting in the same city as a professional sports team. And in Cincinnati’s case, having the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum in town makes dreams come alive in unexpected ways.

There are opportunities to play just like you were on the field. You can even call one of the key plays in Cincinnati Reds’ history. Or you can be in the same room as the Reds’ World Series trophies. If you really want to be up close and personal with history, then you can invite one of the Reds’ stars to your meeting to talk to your attendees. Each experience bringing their dreams that much closer to reality.

How have you made your attendees’ dreams into reality? How did they react?