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Duke Energy Convention Center Lobby

Are you choosing a tech-friendly location?


Do you know what to look for to keep your attendees with tech devices happy? Here are a few things to look for.

No matter what the conference is, there is definitely a new breed of attendees. Depending on the industry, these attendees could just be a small percentage or a majority of your group. But they definitely have wants and needs that they expect to be addressed.

Yes, I’m talking about the techies. They love their devices and like to compare apps with others to make sure they have the latest and greatest. And they can be your biggest supporters online, so it only makes sense to do your best to provide services that will make their techy little hearts skip a beat.

The best thing you can do for this group? Pick a tech-friendly location. There are a lot of amenities that you could look for, but here are three that your tech attendees will swoon over:

Charging Stations

At a conference, devices get a workout. And you want them too! From live tweeting to Instagramming, your attendees are mostly using their phones and tablets to talk about your conference! So make sure they can easily charge up when their batteries are dying.

At the Duke Energy Convention Center, there are charging stations throughout, making it easy on meeting planners. There is no need to put together a table full of power strips and locating enough chargers to fit most phones. The convention center has it covered, and you can keep your mind on more important things, like having the best conference ever!

Takeaway: You won’t always be lucky enough to have a facility like the Duke Energy Convention Center. When choosing a meeting location, look for outlets. If you can’t find many, then neither will your attendees and there could be a line just to simply charge a phone. Avoid that by securing a location with a charging station and/or plentiful outlets.

Comfortable Lounge Area

There are going to be times when your attendees have to step out of the conference, be it to catch up on a bit of work or to charge their devices. And there is nothing more disheartening than having to sit on the floor to rest your tired feet, because there is simply not a location to sit.

During a recent refresh of the convention center, lounge areas were added around internet hotspots in the Duke Energy Convention Center. Each spot offers reliable internet, so productivity does not have to take a hit during a conference. And it provides for a comfortable place for easily uploading picture and video files quickly.

Takeaway: Walk the venue. How far away are the lounge areas? Are they plentiful and comfortable? What extra amenities do they have for your attendees? Put yourself in the shoes of an attendee that has to get work done. Would this do? Thinking ahead and then working with venues to fill these needs will make many of your attendees happy in the long run.

Reliable Cell Service

Not all buildings are cell phone friendly. Due to construction materials and other factors, there are many that have the dreaded dead zones. And frankly, not just your geek attendees will be complaining about this one. An inability to make a phone call, check emails and do work will make everyone unhappy.

Takeaway: While you are walking the venue to check on lounge areas, have your cell phone out. Can you reliably connect to your data services? Can you make phone calls? Use your devices like the majority of your attendees might. And then go further. While 3G is perfectly fine for the majority of attendees, the tech audience is looking for more. They want a minimum of reliable 4G LTE and that can be harder to deliver on, unless you are in a connected city such as Cincinnati. So make sure you have a device with you that tests the reliability of not only 3G, but also the 4G LTE.

How are you catering to your tech attendees?