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Taste of Belgium Chicken & Waffle

4 Ways to use Influencer Marketing for Your Next Event


Do you know how to effectively use influencer marketing for your next event? Check out how Taste of Belgium does it!

It’s the question that most event professionals ask themselves: How do I reach the individuals that have the most influence and get them to talk about my event? Tons of research time is spent in the pursuit of this goal, and yet, many events still fail to produce a profitable result.

So we thought we’d turn to Taste of Belgium, a restaurant that is making waves in influencer marketing, and see what tips you can use for your next event:

Reply to everyone

Don’t waste time trying to find out who has the right network for your audience. Everyone has some kind of network and influence, whether it be online or off. Don’t take the chance of offending anyone or alienating them by not replying. Even if it’s just a simple thank you, take the few seconds and reply.

If you look at Taste of Belgium’s Twitter feed, this business has taken this to heart. And the extra few minutes that they take to leave no tweet unanswered has endeared them to their fans. It also has led to more mentions, since fans are more likely to talk about you if you talk back to them.

Be vocal in your community

In the case of Taste of Belgium, their communities include Cincinnati and the food scene. They are very likely to discuss new restaurants and what’s going on in Cincinnati. This makes their Twitter feed more interesting than if they just talked about how awesome their waffles are.

Don’t forget that your community has other interests. Find out what those interests are and appeal to them. A quick way of doing that is to check hashtags that appeal to their industry. Tweets in those hashtags can help you provide content that is interesting to your community and provide a more well-rounded feed.

Provide shareable content

Did we mention that Taste of Belgium has awesome waffles? And they have other great food offerings to get your mouth watering. If you don’t believe us, just check out the pictures in their Instagram feed. A steady stream of pictures that are easy to share to any network has their fans always craving more of their great product.

What is your product? Is it something that appeals to people via pictures? Or maybe blog posts are better? Constantly create content that is not only easy to share, but also people will want to share. And no matter what type of content you create, make sure it is impeccable and leaves your fans wanting more.

Feature your fans

Fans love to see their name up in lights. Taste of Belgium handles this by retweeting many of fans’ questions and answering them before the retweeted tweet. It seems like a minor difference, but it does a lot. Not only does everyone get that answer to that question, but the person that asks it now feels a bit more special. Plus, their Twitter feed is also filled with fan pictures and reviews. The simple act of sharing this fan-provided content guarantees more will be generated.

Whether it’s just a retweet or a fan of the week, take the time to feature your fans from time to time. It will make a huge difference in their love for your event and will make them more likely to talk about you in the future. In fact, some might even compete to get even more attention from you by mentioning you more often.

How are you engaging influencers in your community? Are you going after the few or the many?