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Top of the Park Residence Inn Outdoor Venue

4 Tips for a Great Summer Outdoor Meeting


 Learn how to battle the pitfalls to make your summer outdoor meeting work!

Summer calls for many things, including experiencing the outdoors! Nobody wants to be in a dark meeting room with this beautiful weather, and so if you want your attendees paying attention to your meeting instead of dreaming of feeling the sunlight on their skin, it may be time to consider an outdoor meeting.

But with all of the possible pitfalls, it seems easier to just opt for the indoor meeting and hope that attention spans will hold. That’s why we made a visit to Top of the Park at Marriott Residence Inn Cincinnati Downtown to get the scoop on just how to make a summer outdoor meeting work.

Only Do the Breakouts and Networking Events Outdoors

While it might be tempting to have the entire meeting outdoors, just have short bursts of outdoor activities instead. And the best way to do that is to just have your breakouts and networking events outside. This will give your attendees much needed Vitamin D, while still protecting them from too much sun or heat. The extra indoor room can then be utilized if there is any severe weather. Venues like Top of the Park make this even easier by having the outdoor venue attached to a spacious indoor room, so there is very little down time when moving from the indoors to the outdoors.

Make Sure the WiFi Works Outdoors

In an age with increasing restrictions on data for mobile devices, if you want happy attendees that are sharing what is going on at your meeting, then you have to make sure the WiFi works well outdoors. Bring your own devices through before the meeting and make sure the WiFi is easily accessible in all areas of the outdoor venue.

Create Shade

Even if your event will only have short bursts of outdoor activity, make sure there is enough shade to protect your attendees. Create shaded areas with umbrellas or small tents. Make these areas inviting with lounge furniture. Or make them the focal point if you are planning on having your breakouts outside.

Provide Plenty of Water

It’s almost a no-brainer that you will have to have plenty of water on hand if you are going to have an outdoor meeting. But don’t make your attendees stand in line at the bar to get much-needed hydration. Have several spots around the venue where water bottles on ice are plentiful. This will help prevent anyone from getting sick from dehydration while at your meeting and will keep everyone happy.

What is your best tip for having an outdoor meeting?