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3 Ways to Make Your Conference Budget-Friendly


Are you looking to stretch your event dollar? Here are a few ways to do that.

In this economy, we are all still looking for ways to get more from our dollar. And that mindset does not end when it comes to the meeting industry. In fact, it has forced many of us to get extremely creative as we are constantly looking for ways to get more from less.

That is why it’s important to always look at places in the budget that we can trim or even eliminate. It can make your conference more affordable for your attendees or free up your budget for other essentials.

Here are a few areas we have identified that will help you and your attendees stretch your dollar:

Use Lighting

Adding decor to a room can be tempting, but the costs can add up. Lighting is an option that can be more affordable and yet still add the ambiance that you are looking for at your event. And at some locations, like the Sharonville Convention Center, uplighting can be used at no extra cost. You can’t do much better than free.

Ditch the open bar

An open bar sounds like a great idea, but that can eat up a portion of your budget and cause embarrassing incidents. Instead, limit the bar tab by giving out coupons or limiting the hours of the open bar. Or ditch it all together and go with a cash bar. It’s a simple way to save your budget and be more socially responsible for your guests.

Reserve Multiple Room Blocks

There is nothing more frustrating than finding a great conference and then realizing you can’t fit it in your budget because of the host hotel costs. Sure, attendees could look online for a deal, but if there is another event in town, that might not be an option. A great way to make a conference budget-friendly for your attendees too is to reserve smaller room blocks at hotels with different price points. This will then cater to multiple types of attendees rather than having you guess what will work for everyone.

How have you made your conference more budget-friendly?