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3 Tips for Your Classic Holiday Party


 Make your holiday party memorable with these tips. 

We’ve entered a time of cheer and magic. Yes, the holiday party is here!

The one thing that we all know for sure is that this is when anything can happen. The lights look a little bit brighter and the smiles are just a bit bigger.

While it’s tempting to keep chasing after the latest trends throughout the year, this is a time where it almost feels better to keep it classic. The warmth and nostalgia is in and of itself a starting point for conversations. And you just can’t get more beautiful than the rich reds and greens of the seasons.

But knowing that you want to do a classic holiday party is just the beginning. How can you make it more memorable while still keeping to the nostalgic theme?


It was Colonel Mustard in the study with the candlestick! No no no... It was Professor Plum in the library! Whomever it was and wherever it happened, your guests will love the fun of a murder mystery. The excitement of trying to figure out everything is elevated when it is all going on under twinkling lights and mistletoe.

Pro-tip: Give your murder mystery a holiday twist. Set it in the North Pole. Get the reindeer involved. And that tinsel really can be used for more than just decoration. Those extra little touches are sure to bring on giggles from your attendees.

Beer & Pretzels at The President's RoomTake it to the Club

No, not that club. Think of the clubs where stiff drinks were a must and the bartender always kept them coming. The dark wood and manliness of these clubs contrasts perfectly with the brightness of holiday decorations to give them a whole different dimension. The rich colors of the season are given even more warmth in a location such as this.

Pro-tip: The President’s Room in Cincinnati is designed with the clubs of yesteryear in mind. This restaurant can also provide innovative food options that are perfect twists on anything your attendees remember from their childhood holidays. It’s definitely a great candidate for a classic holiday experience.

Sugar Plums Dancing

One tradition that many people share is Clara and her Nutcracker. It is the ultimate holiday dream. And let’s be honest, there are very few women that haven’t dreamt of being Clara. Incorporating this into your holiday party is as simple as nutcrackers throughout, but why not think bigger? Hire your local ballet company or dance school to perform a scene at your holiday party. Your attendees will welcome the opportunity to interact with a real-life Clara!

Pro-tip: The Cincinnati Ballet performs The Nutcracker every year, and dancers are available to perform at events year round. Seeing these dancers with their beautiful lines close-up and being able to talk to professional ballet dancers is definitely an experience your attendees will never forget.

Are you throwing a classic holiday party? What elements are you using to make it unforgettable?

Images via The President's Room.