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3 Steps to Great Event Brand Ambassadors


 Save yourself time and money by creating brand ambassadors.

With Facebook algorithms and other variables impacting the reach of your social media posts, it’s clear that we all have to put more effort and money into our social media marketing. But something that requires the least money and effort and can effectively reach your audience in addition to your prospective audience? That is the golden ticket that everyone marketing an event is hoping to find.

Enter brand ambassadors. By creating an army of people that are willing to spread your marketing messages, you can bypass anything that may be limiting your social media marketing and make it even more effective.

Wondering where to start? Here are a few steps we found to be helpful when creating brand ambassadors:

Start with those that are already fans

Seems like a no-brainer, right? Talk to your board members and long-time attendees. They are already fans and can speak authentically about why your event is exceptional. It may be tempting to look for those that have the largest online influence, but that does not always work. Whereas many people are trying to get endorsements from those with a large online influence, there are not that many competing for those with lower influence. Right away, you have a greater chance of getting them to work with you. And by tapping those that are already big fans, you also get the advantage of using their passion and directing it into activities that help you.

Make it easy

You want to make sure your ambassadors actually help you? Then make it as easy as just a simple click. Write out tweets and Facebook posts. In this picture-obsessed world, create an image with information about your event. Make sure it is the correct size for Instagram (612 x 612 px). Give your brand ambassadors the tools they need to not only talk about your event, but do it easily.

Reward your brand ambassadors

There is nothing quite as motivating as getting a reward for your work, but a reward can be a lot of things. It can be information, such as an exclusive newsletter. It can be a discount code for them and their friends, which will make them look like a hero in their network. Or it could be a more traditional item that will get them excited. Whatever it is, make sure the reward is applicable to your attendees and their industry. Otherwise, they are less likely to do the work you’d like them to do.

How are you creating brand ambassadors? Are they working for you?