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3 Food Trends to Try in 2014


Do you want to take your event food to the next level? 

Food... It’s what makes or breaks an event. And that’s why many meeting planners spend a significant amount of time to make the food spectacular. But in a world where it seems like everything has been done, what can you do to wow your guests?

We sat down with Linwood Campbell at the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati to find out how you can do just that. Here is his take on what is exciting in food for 2014:

Engaging food stations

Food stations have always been a great way to get your attendees to mingle and move through the room. But you can take that a step further. Bring the chefs out to talk about how they make the food. It will be a chance for everyone to learn something about what they’re eating and possibly bring those ideas home.

Or you can actually have your attendees take part in making their food. From making their own designer cupcakes to simply adding their own popcorn toppings, it creates another bonding point for networking and another opportunity at your conference for connections to turn into long-term business relationships.

Make food into something else

With the advent of three-dimensional printing, food can be really whatever you want it to be. Take advantage of that. You can use your theme to lead you through the looking glass of what exactly food looks like. For example, are you doing a garden party? Then make your food emulate that. Your crudités can be stuck in a chocolate mixture that looks like dirt, and you can even leave leaves on to make it look like your attendees are picking their appetizers right from the garden.


Speaking of how technology is driving food further, why not demonstrate that at the event? Machines are making it possible to serve food that wouldn’t normally be possible, because it would need immediate serving. That’s just not normally possible when you have a larger guest count. But with the press of a button or two, your attendees can actually do everything themselves. It allows for a greater variety of offerings and more detailed customization. And everyone loves pushing buttons.

Are you using any of these trends at your event? How are you making them your own?