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3 Easy Ways to Use Twitter Before an Event


Are you using Twitter effectively before your event? Here are a few ways that you can do just that. 

Many event and meeting planners talk about all of the great things you can do with Twitter at an event. From hashtags to Twitter walls, it can really add to what you are trying to accomplish with your event.

But there are also some great things you can do with Twitter that will add to your event as well. Here are three ways you can create bonds and kick everything off before anyone even arrives at your registration table:

Share others’ content

The best way to get your event information into the hands of prospective attendees’ hands is to continually tweet about it, right? Wrong. Before you think about tweeting event information out, start with other people’s content. Look at accounts that have a similar audience as your event. You may want to start with your own attendees, vendors and speakers and then expand to who they’re following and interacting with. Sharing content from these accounts strategically will start a relationship with them that could result in your blog posts, images, event information, etc. to be shared. And that can result in more event registrations for you!

Crowdsource event

There are a lot of decisions to make in the course of planning an event. Why leave them all in your hands? Get your attendees and potential attendees involved! You can ask them via Twitter everything from where they want to have the conference to who they want to hear speak to what they want to eat. You will get immediate feedback and a clearer understanding of what your attendees expect. And it makes them feel more involved in the process which leads to a greater loyalty to your event. Who doesn’t want to go to an event that they helped plan?

Make connections

Why wait until the conference to get people talking to each other? The best feature of Twitter is that it makes it easy to connect with a variety of different people. So be the catalyst for those connections. Make a Twitter list of all of your attendees. Host a Twitter chat with them. Simply feature an attendee by tweeting a recommendation to follow them. The possibilities are endless. Just make those connections before the event. You may then find the networking that happens at the actual event is deeper and more meaningful.

How are you using Twitter before an event?