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3 Content Ideas for Your Event Blog


 Try these three content ideas to kickstart your event blog.

A blog is probably the hardest form of social media to maintain, and yet it is the most vital of all of the networks you could possibly be on.

Why do you need a blog? A blog is the best way to raise your rank with search engines. It works on your rankings in two ways. First, search engines love new content and regular posting to a blog will provide that. Secondly, providing more links into your website that are easy to share on social media sites is a great way to be found as well. If one person posts your link to a social network, search engines are more likely to show your link on top when any relevant search terms are inputted by anyone in their network.

A blog also demonstrates that you know your industry and are on the cutting edge of what is happening. This can be vital when it comes time to start attracting attendees to your next event.

But the part where everyone seems to get caught up is regularly generating content for their blog. It can be a difficult process, but there are three ways to make it easier:

Ask attendees & speakers

In many cases, you will have experts at your fingertips. Go to the attendees that are passionate about your event and ask them to write about their area of expertise. And when you are heavily promoting your event, ask your speakers to provide a preview of their session by providing a short blog post. Both cases come with a great bonus as well: Anyone that submits will likely also help promote their blog post. This means more visits to your blog and more people that will know about your event.

Go where those in industry ask for help

Does your industry have a LinkedIn or Facebook group where people ask for help? Or maybe there is a designated hashtag? Whatever it is, go there when you are in need of topics for your blog. There is an excellent chance that if one person has had that question, that many others have as well. So not only are you gathering great future blog topics, but you are also putting yourself in a position to help those in your industry. And that is exactly where you want to be when promoting an event.

Use other media

Many people get stuck on a blog post being text with maybe a picture or two. But there is nothing saying that has to be the case. If you have someone that is better at speaking than at writing, take out your smartphone and record that person talking about a topic. Or maybe you have a story that is better told with pictures. Don’t be afraid to do that. What your blog looks like should ultimately follow how you and your contributors can best tell the stories your audience need to hear. And if that means making it more media heavy than a traditional blog, that is perfectly fine.

How are you using a blog for your event? What has helped you develop blog posts?

Photo credit: Nikki Pfahler