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How to balance diets at conferences

2013-08-20 ·

The power of choice at an event will save headaches and provide unexpected benefit.

At many conferences, you are balancing a lot of wants and needs. Speakers are looking for this, sponsors want that and attendees need something completely different. That’s why finding ways to give choices throughout the event can make it more interactive and more satisfying to each individual.

This is probably the most apparent in food. You have one person that is a vegetarian, another has gluten allergies and yet another is on the Paleo Diet. Instead of working with a chef to find middle ground for so many contradictory diets, wouldn’t it be great to just concentrate on making the rest of the event unforgettable?

That is why we really liked the idea that the University of Cincinnati had for their event space. While you can order meals for all of your attendees, they also have another way. Being a part of a university, this space has a lot of flexibility in many different aspects in that they can take advantage of the university facilities. Normally, you might associate this with research and academics. However, college kids also need their food as well.

An option for your meeting is to have your attendees enjoy UC's Tangeman Center Main Street concept, a fully stocked food court. Each attendee would be given a card and can then make their own choices. And we are talking anything from sushi to Burger King, so you are sure to make everyone happy.
UC Center Court

UC's Tangeman University Center
There is also another big plus to this plan: It gets your attendees moving and interacting with each other. Getting them into a completely different environment for lunch and then having them choose what they will eat means that there is something else that they can relate to each other on. Filling your event with multiple conversation starters such as this is a great way to make sure your attendees have a wonderful conference.

How are you giving your attendees food choices?


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